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  1. Does anyone know what Canadian schools accept the US DAT? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey sorry for the misunderstanding. This was my first time writing. I was just comparing the chem sections from the last 2 sittings
  3. Some schools that I am interested in though have cut offs for each section (cut off: 19) and because of what they did with bio and PAT I no longer meet those requirements (18 in both) when in previous tests I would have. Plus I got a 22 in chem which is 83rd percentile which is close to the feb test where a 22 was 81st percentile so it doesnt really balance everything out in my opinion. What they did is inexcusable and causes a lot of people to restudy for months and spend so much more money for no good reason.
  4. Also, was there not one question in bio that was wrong (the animal behaviour one). It was the last question of the bio section and one question could make a difference in the scores as well (although slight)
  5. Since what the CDA has done makes no sense, I am asking everyone if it would be a bad thing to send the link to this forum so that they could read all of our thoughts in one place? Or can we please start a petition and send it to them (that is if someone knows how to send it anonymously or if someone is brave enough to send it)? It would just be too much of a coincidence if EVERYONE in the entire country did bad in PAT and BIO but good in the other 2 sections. It just makes no sense, especially when people are saying that this test had the same level of difficulty as previous sittings in all s
  6. yes please!! I'm not sure how/where to start one but I would definitely sign it!
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