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  1. I agree with 12345mdsk. I don't see a reason why they would say May 14 and then release them earlier. I've heard over the past few years that they are sent randomly during work hours. Even OOP acceptance vs waitlist & IP acceptance vs waitlist were all sent at random different times a few years back. However, with the many changes in admissions over the past year, I could see that changing this year but no way to know until they are sent out.
  2. It always shows "by May 31". I think that's just their latest possible date. Decisions over the past few years have been sent mid-May.
  3. I think it is a good thing that they let people know this early if they didn't make the MMI cutoff! This way people don't have to worry and stress about it until May (especially if they know their references haven't been contacted) and can move on and make plans for next application cycle
  4. One of my references was contacted yesterday. IP and last name starting with S.
  5. I know of a few people with last names earlier in the alphabet who have already had references contacted so I suspect they are doing it alphabetically.
  6. You can email CoM for a more accurate answer. I talked to an advisor (not a CoM advisor but a general sciences one) last year and this is what she told me: they look at your last 120cu overall. However, if they require an additional class from a semester to calculate your average based on 120cu, they don't pick and choose just one class, they will take the whole term so your average would include more than 120cu. For example if you have 126cu (so 42 classes). 30cu/year * 4 years = 120cu/undergrad. 126cu-120cu = 6cu (2 extra classes). Because these 2 extra classes would not be able to be
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