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  1. Hey everyone! SO happy to see that theres a forum like this, I was trying to find one before the submission date but at least I am here now! I previously went through all these steps when I applied two years ago and ended up declining my admission offer to continue my undergrad ( just love CMMB too much) If anyone has any questions on the interview or anything else I can help out as well! Remember to stay calm and know that they just want to get an idea of what kind of person you are! Good luck! We got this!
  2. Made the hard decision to decline my acceptance to finish some research here in Calgary - reapplying for 2021. This will open a seat for one of you guys ❤️ it's been a slice - good luck in the fall!!!
  3. Received my acceptance July 2nd. Should reply by the 10th. cGPA of 3.66 for the last two years so not the greatest but I would say my LOI and interview were fairly solid. Both of my years were all full course loads as well if that helps anyone. No real experience with working within a pharmacy but several years worth of working with children and teaching/coaching along with sports. Does anyone also know the approximate amount of people that apply by chance?
  4. There are still several round of either rejections or acceptances to go out. Just wait it out! - (this part sucks)
  5. I’m also from UofC and no problems here! If Angela has it then there should be no worries!
  6. I saw that! It just also states that the practice questions won't be like the real test questions so was wondering if there should be things I should consider
  7. Anybody know of the kind of questions they will be asking? Should I expect very much like "what is your biggest weakness?" Or more like"what is your opinion on (insert obscure pharmaceutical topic)" Just got an interview invite as well!
  8. Hey! Was wondering how you found the interview? What was the best way in preparing for it? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I saw a lot of discussions about previous years for the new applicants and couldn’t find one for the upcoming cycle so thought I would make one to try and keep updated! I’m a new applicant myself and have a couple questions if anyone would know any answers to I would be really greatful! Mostly I’m looking for recommendations on how to succeed in the application, whether that be in the interview, the letter of intent or just preparing in general! If anyone has any thoughts let me know! Otherwise goodluck to everyone who is applying
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