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  1. Appreciate the $0.02 guys. I checked flights and it seems like it's actually possible for me to make my home school's interview. I'm going to try my best to go to it. Another added bonus of going is it will be a good warm up for my top choices. I know my odds of not matching are pretty slim but in the off chance that I don't, I will kick myself if it's because I missed my home school's interview.
  2. I am fortunate to have received 10 interviews to a non competitive specialty (I know, sorry for the weird flex). I already intend on turning down one of my interviews. I am wondering if it would be bad to turn down my home school's site interview as well. There is nothing wrong with the program, but it would've been near the bottom of my rank order list anyways due to geographical and personal reasons. The timing of this interview date greatly disrupts the flow of my Ontario interviews and would mean a lot of unnecessary time and financial costs for a program I don't even want to go to. They d
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