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  1. So update for any interested parties. I matched to Family Medicine! Always liked living life on the edge, but I'll admit this was cutting it close. I can still accomplish my goals through this route, just have to take a different path than initially intended. Thanks for all of the advice.
  2. While Family is not what I would ideally see myself in as my life experience had me get really comfortable in a particular clinical setting, it is a a career with a lot of flexibility and there are things I could do as a Family doc that would fulfill what I am looking for. I know one of my referees did selection last year, not too sure about this year though. I did contact them, and while they said they were completely shocked by the news, that it's not impossible of given the subjectivity of file review. I know 2 of the Ontario schools I visited had multiple staff tell me that
  3. So ya, read that title. Need some friendly anonymous advice right now. So I applied across the country for a competitive specialty, backing up with Family in Ontario. Did most of my electives in that specialty, but also one in Family. I applied to every single English speaking program and many Ontario Family programs. As it stands, I have been declined an interview at every single school, for both the competitive specialty and Family medicine (except at my own school). First assumption is that I have a red flag on my file. Well no professionalism stuff and my evals are quite solid,
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