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  1. Also I’m rooting for you and everyone else!!!!
  2. It always works out in the end. Just trust the process!!!!
  3. Fingers crossed everything works out for all us!
  4. Hi all, I tried to look online for the details for ROS (IMGs) but was unable to find. In particular I had the following questions: In what areas the ROS allocated for Gen Surg and Ortho? Are trainees able to complete specific fellowships prior commencing their ROS? Thanks in advance!
  5. Best wishes to all! I am sure all the hard work will pay off!
  6. Someone posted it now on the invitation forum.
  7. Colleague called again today. Said a lady answered and the PD sent out invitations and has been updated on CaRMs?
  8. Thanks for helping us out! do you have a round of questions that are commonly asked during interviews across most programs?
  9. Hi team! Was wondering if anyone has a bank of orthopaedic interview questions? Like past questions from Toronto etc? thanks!
  10. Hey guys! For those that are interviewing in ortho this year...I was wondering if you guys had any past interview questions? Much appreciated and thanks!!!!
  11. Ouuuu thanks! Will contacts CaRMS verify! Just heard a mixed bag of things!
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