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  1. How many seats available for this program if you know !?
  2. I recall coming across this date but not sure what it was for ! Have you tried contacting the admission office ?
  3. Thank you for the wishes thu I am sorry if you have a closed mindset and unable to apprehend the bigger picture. I just feel so sick when I start hearing that every problem we have is due to immigrants like other countries do. We can have a evidence based discussion with intension to find solutions not to sound superior and arrogant ! Good luck again and pass a good day !
  4. The thing is , people like you tend to project problems and blame others and be blind to the real cause. Wow like seriously now the only cause ppl go unmatched is because of IMG spots ?? There are more spots available in total than the number of CMG every year, so theoritically there should be no CMG left Mr. intelligent ! And not all IMG immigrate here, some came because they were maybe married to a canadian or a refugee or i dont know ! You have to seek and find the real problem not impose it on other ppl! And try to sound as you are caring ! And btw this logic of yours !
  5. I believe that we as doctors should pretty much understand the perspective of others and how they live their experiences. It is correct to defend for CMG positions but never should we do that by discrediting other people and claiming to have a privillage upon other human beings. You have no idea what others go through. It is easy to judge and be rude. Some of my friends are IMG ( immigrants not CSA) and they suffer alot. There are no spots for them and they are truely excellent candidates and have tons of experience and research ! Yet ending up as working in a cornerstore or a taxi d
  6. Thank you very much !! That was informative ! Best of luck to all in the match day
  7. Thank you! Well, I was wondering what is the difference between JGH snd st Mary's ? I heard that there is more hands in experience at st Mary's but I guess the Jewish General is busier! So what do you think ? And if I speak french but not fluently, will it hinder my learning exprience you think ? Thanks again !
  8. Heyy guys! Any thoughts about McGill Teaching sites in Montreal ?
  9. Ohh ! More waiting times then
  10. Any update guys ? Or it seems tomorow ?
  11. Guys what is level of French that is expected in McGill Montreal FM interview ?
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