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  1. Got my rejection from NTP waitlist last night also. I was so close (top 5), but like you said no movement this year. Or ever again.
  2. As I am soon to start relying 100% on the LOC, this is really good to know. The advisor really sold me the « free » overdraft, so thanks for the heads up
  3. One important thing to consider is how the interests will be paid out every month. Some banks (e.g., RBC) take the amount of interest due out of your checking account every month, so you have to remember to put the money there. Other banks (Scotia) just add the interests to the LOC amount due, so you don’t have to think about it. This is one of the reason I went with Scotia (after banking with RBC for over a decade).
  4. You’re eligible for the 300$ and the Amex points (I got both and all I have with Scotia is the special student account).
  5. Can you PM me your advisor’s name? My advisor had no idea about this when I asked her directly about the parental leave.
  6. My advisor said the $500 was just a one-time thing, and won’t be offered again.
  7. The 300$ is given within 60 days with the condition that you have 2 authorized automatic bill payments in your account within that time. I set up the automatic bill payments but have not yet received the 300$. There is also some caveat with the credit card points where you have to spend a certain amount first before getting them, like you said, and I did not yet get them.
  8. Ok so it took me 3 weeks, but I read all 69 pages of this thread, and I feel so much more informed about LOCs now, and ready to meet with advisors. Special thanks to rmorelan who has been answering questions on this thread since 2012. The only question I have left is regarding Scotia’s “Program Limit is reduced by Government Student Loans in excess of $60,000” deal. This was not talked about here much yet. Can someone confirm that Scotia will reduce you LOC limit if you have >60,000 in student loans? I have student loans from undergrad that were originally above that, but I was able to
  9. That’s super helpful, thank you! I guess I am just getting a bit nervous about borrowing a quarter of a million dollars, and I just want to make sure that what I am being asked for is normal. Thanks again!
  10. @ATG4B, what kind of hoops did you have to jump trough with Scotia? I met with an RBC advisor who was good, but I am also meeting with a Scotia person. They are asking a lot of things (student loan balance etc) and I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not, since I never worked in banking and never applied for a LOC. Thanks!
  11. What caramilk said. At 40, I am sure you have tons of life experience, and taking care of 4 children IS an EC, so is your full-time job. Meds schools seem to want to see how your experiences made you a well-rounded individual, so can be anything you feel made you who you are. I would say the majority of my ECs were non-traditional stuff, as well as a minority of traditional volunteering and research stuff.
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