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  1. Us and another dude in this thread are in the same boat, keep in touch over DMs.
  2. Jesus so in order to get in did we need to get GPAs in the 85+ range?
  3. Is that your GPA as of right now or your GPA after the Fall term? My current GPA is 80.5 but they dont count the Winter term.
  4. Result - Rejected. Not even Waitlisted. GPA - 79.91 MCAT - 503 Degree - 4th Year of Undergrad Interview - I was exceptionally well on 5/6 and meh on one of them I'm actually upset because my CARS and MMI were very strong compared to my peers. They gave me no reason for why I was rejected but I'm banking on it being my GPA. How much do I need to raise my GPA before I have a better shot?
  5. Howdy! I'm an undergrad psychology major but wish to take science classes on the side that will help with the MCAT. I have taken organic chem, genetics, intro sociology, intro biochem,intro math part 1, and by fall I'll have done both part 1 and 2 of intro physics. Should I continue with genetics or is that a waste of time? Is taking part 2 of biochem worth it? Thank you all in advance!
  6. This is Orgo 1 and I do not plan on taking Orgo 2 at all but it is a prerequisite for microbio and genetics which I will be taking.
  7. Alright, I am a second year pre-med student and I have received a 52% in Organic Chemistry which is by far the most devasting mark I have ever received. I am currently looking to enter the UofS med school. With this mark, my GPA is 76.4% and without it, it's 78.1%. I do need this course for the MCAT as well as specific courses I will be taking in my third year. Is it worth retaking the course or should I just power through it by doing better in the following courses? Am I doomed no matter what? Thank you for listening.
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