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  1. Hi all, can someone explain the terminology UofS uses below? I go to a school OOP so how many classes does this equate to? I asked my brother but hes first year and he said that 1 class = 3 credit units , so does that mean they count the last *4 years! (120/3 = 40 courses) (E) UAA CALCULATION BASED ON LAST 120 CU. --> When the most recent 120 CU are used for calculation of the UAA, the earliest courses required to make the 120 CU total frequently fall time-wise within a larger number of classes taken concurrently (i.e., within the same academic term). In this case, the a
  2. so should i not do the 5th year? I believe western requires 5 classes/semester to consider your last 2 years. Right?
  3. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you.. except Does western require a full course load for 3rd and 4th? I had one semester with 4 courses in 3rd and I think that very much screwed up all the chances for me. My 4th and fifth year I would have a full course load with 3.8+ annual gpa
  4. Hey all this is my first post ever so I'm sorry Stats: annual / cGPA 1st year: 2.73 / 2.73 (1 semester with 4 courses) 2nd year: 3.08 / 2.91 (1 semester with 4 courses) 3rd year: 3.79/ 3.21 (1 semester with 4 courses) currently in 4th year and I'm estimating 3.8+/ cGPA3.35~ 2 years of research, volunteer and community stuff Option 1: take a fifth year of easy-ish courses to boost my GPA --> even if i get straight As prolly won't be competitive enough for canada ~3.47 Option 2: take a fifth year --> fulfill 1 year of physics and 1 year or gen/o
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