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  1. Hm they could mean this but I'm not entirely sure because they also say at the beginning "starting in 2021, students can choose to do their Year 3 Clinical Clerkship rotations in the Fraser region." Which kinda makes it sound like current students could also get to choose between Van region and Fraser region starting this year (2021)? Hopefully we'll get more info soon!
  2. How does this affect incoming first and second year students? Do we also get to choose between Vancouver and Fraser regions for our clinical rotations in 3rd year and if so when would we make this choice?
  3. Just declined my WL offer, don't give up hope yet guys!! I'm an OOP applicant.
  4. I was in the general pool. Thanks for the kind words I have my fingers and toes crossed for everyone who's still waiting to hear back- hoping tomorrow's your day!!
  5. Sorry, I've declined my offer and will not be contacting admissions again. You are welcome to contact them if you would like.
  6. My call came from the associate dean of admissions which I also thought was weird.
  7. I literally considered this but I actually missed the call at first since I was at work so I emailed Schulich admissions and they called me back and said we saw your email so ik it was legit! The only other idea I have is they might have some alternative admissions process kinda like UofC's "white flagging" process and I got in that way?
  8. I was just thinking this is the only possibility. UBC did a similar thing with giving everyone the wrong NAQ scores when they sent out interview regrets.
  9. I had pretty much considered my NWL an R so didn't take any time to think about UWO vs. UBC prior to receiving the call. I was quite flustered/shocked and wanted to take longer than 30 seconds on the phone to make that decision (because I do have the option of forfeiting my UBC deposit to accept UWO if I would much prefer UWO) so I asked them to call me back tomorrow after I had the evening to decide. I was asking because I was wondering if I could verbally accept tomorrow and take a few days to think, but after thinking about everyone else who's stressing on the WL and calling my family I've
  10. Yes I got a call at 5:55 pm Ontario time
  11. I know I sound like a total troll rn but i promise it's the truth.. I was so confused I literally thought my application was flagged or smth at first. I think I was normal WL this was the text in my original email (received at 9:32 AM): Thank you for your interest in our MD Program and the effort you put forth with your application to first-year medicine at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry (Western University). Although you were not ranked to receive an offer at this time, it was recommended that your name be placed on our Wait List. Any offer that is not accepted will be
  12. Hey guys, I just got accepted to Windsor off the normal WL. Confused because nobody's posted about HWL acceptances yet? Also does anyone know if you "verbally accept" can you still think about it for a few days and decline after receiving the letter/package? Just wondering how binding the verbal acceptance is.
  13. Accepted off WL at 11:27! Will be declining. Good luck to all!!
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