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  1. I did all this last summer and survived! It was a grind for sure but the job was too good to pass up for me and I don't regret the choice I made.
  2. I'm also not in med school but I grew up in Vancouver and did my undergrad at UBC. I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience in Vancouver!! I would say my science program at UBC was ~50% POC. I found most students who were first gen immigrants were able to find community at UBC and there were lots of cliques of folks who immigrated from the same/similar countries. There are lots of cultural clubs and such to facilitate this community-building. I personally didn't experience any exclusivity issues. The majority of my friends were also POC and I really appreciated that the div
  3. Yes, I registered and got a separate email with the actual zoom link.
  4. My interview is later in the day but the Zoom link says 6:30 am. Just want to confirm they just created one meeting for the full day? I should join at my scheduled time, not at 6:30 am, right? Thanks!
  5. This is kind of ridiculous tbh.... How hard is it to open a portal where we can schedule an interview time that works for us? Seems unfair to make it all this way and then be forced to forfeit a spot at either school because they refuse to reschedule the few applicants (I assume <5) who end up unlucky enough to have 2 interviews scheduled at the exact same time. Especially for 2 OMSAS schools who presumably should be communicating quite a bit over this process.
  6. Invite 11:44 EDT!! Very early alphabet last name. Felt pretty good about the interview but thought the questions were pretty generic and I wasn't really able to get creative/stand out. Guess it was enough! Felt like I bombed one follow up question (sat in silence for half the time).
  7. I totally agree. I literally just said the same thing again and again for 2.5 hours. Tbh disappointed because there are so many other valuable skills and competencies of a physician that weren't addressed at all because there were 5 stations on the same topic. Not sure how applicants are supposed to make themselves stand out with the questions this year.
  8. I was wondering if this was a problem with my wifi but I've never had any issues zooming before and my internet speed is quite good so I wonder if it was on the interviewers' end or if it was the interface? I had to ask many interviewers to repeat their f/ups and noticed a lot of lag/freezing/audio issues.
  9. I totally agree!! Struggled to put in personal stories or give creative answers.
  10. Are we allowed to talk about the questions/content?
  11. TIME STAMP: 2:52 PM PSTResult: InvitewGPA: 3.87MCAT: 523 (132/129/132/130)ECs: Listed 13 minor awards (Dean's honour list, community service award, etc.) 4 employment (worked 3 PT jobs during undergrad and currently working FT): lifeguard/swim instructor, peer tutor, residence advisor, clinical research coordinator Really felt like UofC's Top 10 format allowed my passions to shine. Grouped a lot of activities by theme which meant each was multiple years and hundreds (or thousands) of hours. working with Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (I grouped by theme so I put all m
  12. Time Stamp: 12:04 PM PSTResult: InviteGPA: 3.95 for UofAMCAT: 523 (132/129/132/130)Current/Past Degree: BSc 2020Geography (IP/OOP): OOPExtracurricular Activities score /16 (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Employment: Lifeguard/Swim Instructor, Residence Advisor, Peer Tutor, Clinical Research Coordinator, Leadership: club president, university orientations, hobby group leader, high school activity, Volunteer: working with people who use drugs, hospital, city advisory committee, homeless shelter, Life experiences: travel, 3 research projects (2 were self-initiat
  13. I don't know.... Had some minor tech issues (mostly lag/bad audio quality) and overall just felt like I was jittery/rambly for a lot of the questions. Not feeling great and can't stop thinking about the questions and things I could have said. Anyone else want to share their feelings or experience? Anyone currently in UBC med want to share how they felt after their interview? This is gonna be a long 3 months...
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