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  1. Program: MD Result: Invite (wtf) Timestamp: 2:06 pm EST OMSAS GPA: 3.65 !!! CARS: 129 IP/OOP: OOP Casper: must have been rly good to make up for my gpa Being OOP and having such a low GPA and average CARS for OOP I thought I had 0% chance at mac so I am literally in shock. I'd be happy to answer any Qs about how I prepped for Casper cuz that must have been my saving grace.
  2. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: Invite MCAT: 523 aGPA: 4.29 Coefficients: none except I'm a member of a visible minority
  3. I emailed them about this last year. Here was their response: Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, our graduate student policy applies to both course-based and research-based graduate programs. You would need to either withdraw from the program before applying to our program, or you would have to apply in the second year provided that proof of completion would be received by July 30 in the year of entry into medical school.
  4. Time Stamp (i.e. include date and time): Dec 18 10:42 AM (PST)Result (i.e. invite or regrets): Invite (Regular Deadline)GPA/AGPA (i.e. whichever is applicable): AGPA ~86, last year 82.5 (didn't qualify for AGPA)MCAT (i.e. total score and breakdown in the order of CP/CARS/BB/PS): 523 (132/129/132/130)Geography (i.e. IP or OOP): IPECs (i.e. brief rundown of Research Pubs/Presentations, Awards, Employment, and Non-Academic Activities - also Rural stuff if you want/if it applies): club president (3 years, 400h), sports coach (2 years, 200h), hiking/camping, civic council/advocacy work (1 year, 70
  5. It's really strange that there have been no IP regular invites yet though, normally there are a ton on this forum. Makes me think they haven't gone out yet for IP.
  6. In the past there has been a 5:30 pm wave, I'm predicting we might get one tonight?
  7. OMSAS just updated their Academic Record tab and I noticed that they have given a weighting of 0.5 to all my 1-2 credit courses and 1.00 to all my 3-4 credit courses (I went to UBC). As a result, two of my years that contained 30+ credits only show up as having a length of 9.50 instead of 10. I know that Western considers 30 credits to be full time so those two years would count as full time years but this isn't reflected in the OMSAS GPA calculation anywhere so I'm concerned about how Western will know that those two years were full time. Will they have access to my transcript to determ
  8. OOP Invite around 11:25 am PST!!!! So stoked! GPA: ~83.5 MCAT: 523 (129 CARS) Degree: UBC BSc 2020 Extracurriculars: nothing crazy, mix of short and long term (3 months-10 years), hours ranged 30-1500 for each, emphasis on volunteering/helping others as opposed to personal development/hobbies, lots of research but no pubs, worked multiple part-time jobs throughout uni Casper: felt good References: one stellar from a uni prof, one average from my volunteer supervisor So beyond grateful and excited to be receiving this invite, especially given my low GPA compa
  9. Yeah but like offmychest said, there are so many other reasons why someone w high stats might not get an interview so it would be really hard for us to know if this is the case. We can speculate but personally I don't think they would do that because the waitlist takes care of that problem for them.
  10. This could be true but I feel like this is the purpose of the waiting list right, they'd still give offers to the high stats but have a long waiting list in case they decline?
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