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  1. Hey so because I'm getting a lot of messages I'm going to share all my stats so that it helps others! TIME STAMP: Feb. 19 9:50 AM EST Result: Interview (MD) IP GPA: 3.81 wGPA MCAT: 127/128/127/128 ECs: Two NSERCs, did research since first year (3 publications), TA'd 2 courses, tutor, hospital volunteer, part time job (server), another part time job (physio clinic receptionist), did hospital research during summer of first year, church choir for 5 years, president of three clubs, exec for two clubs, Let's talk science volunteer for 3 years and a bit of other things
  2. wGPA... I was scared to post because I felt like I didn't deserve it seeing 3.99's rejected... so seeing that other post made me feel better
  3. I was just wondering how they would calculate GPA moving forward? They take the last 2 years (for western) best 2 for queens. Both are removing the Gpa from winter 2020. I am assuming their using fall 2020 and winter 2021. So how will it work? Are they using the fall 2019 semester as one full year in the GPA calculation then? Thanks!
  4. Hello applicants/ med students/ reapplicants! This app cycle has been one huge headache and although I am relieved it's over. The nagging voice at the back of my head keeps worrying. So just so I can breathe and forget about this for a moment, I was wondering if anyone knew when we should expect interview invites? (I have heard Jan/ Feb) and if it's 100% that interviews will be online no matter what happens, because come January, things could be different. Also in the chance you don't get an interview, if we don't hear anything by January should we take that as we didn't get
  5. I was just curious. I was looking at some medical school stats and have noticed that over recent years although it is almost equal there’s been more females than males in medicine. This isn’t meant to be a sexist comment I’m all for it but I was just curious as to why that might be. Are they purposely trying to get more females in or are females just starting to become more interested in medicine than males?
  6. Why are you getting so upset, like I am genuinely confused. And yeah I figured as much, + the court process was a really long time and I had an inkling that her status would give her some kind of advantage over me, even though I was really pushed to do it. And I mean you can’t really say that someone you personally works harder than someone you don’t but alright, like I said I’m sure she works very hard. But hey man there are also people who work 3 jobs to make a living... they dont work hard? If we’re talking ignorance that’s a pretty ignorant comment in my personal opinion. But I’m getting c
  7. What did I even do? How did something as serious as rape turn into this, forums are scary
  8. Haha nothing personal. I can understand that but like I said I could have died so it’s kind of more serious than a simple misdiagnosis... I was in the position where I could have sued but chose not to - but I honestly might if I feel like the court process is worth it, honestly if it wasn’t for my amazing surgeons I would not have had any interest in medicine; so they can’t be all bad And I don’t mind- if the family doctor I had who almost killed me is on this site she’ll know exactly who I am and she knows I have a potentially dangerous lawsuit against her, but I doubt she
  9. I know I’m coming at it from a patient perspective but in terms of my experience every family doctor I have doesn’t seem to really care at all. I actually almost died by not being properly diagnosed and referred to a specialist by my family doctor to the point where my mother who knew something was wrong took me to another one who reluctantly referred me to a specialist after my mother’s persuasions. And like I said I have health complications that I needed 16 surgeries for, I won’t go into all the details but it was bad and it’s still bad. Peer wise all my peers are not finished medical schoo
  10. :/, honestly I’ve met some assholes and I’ve been some angels in undergrad and my major is premed specific. Some people are narcissistic assholes but some are very kind and both types of people I’ve seen make it to med school. I was inspired to be a doctor because I have health complications and had to undergo 16 surgeries; all my surgeons were legitimately the nicest people in the world... family medicine on the other hand FROM MY EXPERIENCE hasn’t been filled with the best type of people
  11. That’s quite depressing to realize. Shoutout to the compassionate ones who are in it to help people!
  12. Their cut off on their website says 75%. If you have all the course prerequisite’s and do good on the PCAT I can’t see why you wouldn’t get in i don’t think 25 is too old. I have a family friend who was 32 with kids who literally spent 8 years to study pharmacy because she was working during her undergrad. She finished and got a job right away and lives in a nice house and seems to be happy.
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