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  1. I am also curious to find out how this whole stream thing works. I looked through 2020 waitlist and accepted threads but I don't see anyone mentioning the social accountability stream.
  2. Winter 2020 term was the best term of my undergrad. Am I happy with Winter 2020 term not counting for most schools? No. But do I think it is the most equitable way? Yes, absolutely. Some cities like Toronto and Montreal were hit the hardest with COVID and I wouldn't be surprised if some applicants themselves were tested positive for COVID. On the other hand, less urban cities and rural areas were not as affected by COVID relative to large metropolitan areas. In my opinion, it is just silly for giving applicants an option to choose whether or not they can include Winter 2020 marks if it in
  3. Yup, seems like both UofT and uOttawa are moving towards a GPA policy where they reward consistency throughout one's undergrad.
  4. I feel like they changed it to cGPA but kept the cutoff the same to make the applicant pool smaller. This year, uOttawa received ~4300 applications and almost 2500 applicants met the minimum cutoff based on their regions whereas in 2018, only 2142 applicants met the cutoff. That is A LOT of applications to go through to rank applicants for the interview. I wonder how many applicants will now meet the minimum cutoff for the upcoming cycle.
  5. Yup, looks like it. I wonder if anyone would potentially benefit from this change? For example, UofT's new wGPA change seems to benefit those who already had a strong cGPA (>3.9) without any courses removed.
  6. Jesus Christ... they are now including summer courses too Not a big fan of this change for sure. Did really well in my 3rd and 4th year to offset my 2nd year but it is what it is I guess... At least it seems like they are counting Winter 2020 grades
  7. I could be wrong, but I believe summer terms only count if you were in school on a full-time basis (1.5 FCE/3 courses or more). If you were only taking 1 or 2 courses per summer (less than 1.5 FCE), then they wouldn't count.
  8. This is taken directly from the UBC Medicine website. Courses taken during the summer of the application year are treated as courses in progress. They are excluded from academic average calculations and do not count toward the credits needed for the AGPA, but will ultimately count for credit towards the 90 minimum credits and/or completion of the English requirement. Summer courses from past years are included in the academic evaluation.
  9. Where does it say that English courses taken in the summer cannot fulfill the 1 year English requirement because as far as I know, most schools count the courses taken for pre-requisite requirements, but not for GPA.
  10. I understand the frustration as I am also a bit bummed with the possibility of this term not being counted towards my GPA (my best term of my undergrad). However, making this term count as an option brings another layer of unfairness since there are schools that did not give students pass/fail option for their classes. I am sure there are hundreds of students who were on their way to achieve a 4.0 GPA this term, only to realize that their hard work that they put in all throughout the term will only get them credits, not numerical grades which won't count towards GPA. If you were in their shoes
  11. Thanks for the detailed response. Could you explain more about students only asking for English patients? How would this work? Although I am willing to learn French (I always thought French is a beautiful language haha), I am just worried that I may not be able to get detailed history of patients due to poor proficiency in French, so I would rather converse in English.
  12. Hello all, Wishing everyone is well and safe. Does anyone know if you have to be fluent in French for McGill (not for the interview, but to be successful in the program). My French is VERY basic (only took French in middle school and in grade 9). I don't plan on doing residency or practice in Quebec as I wish to practice in Ontario or East Coast. Even though classes are delivered in English at McGill, I am concerned with rotations/electives as it is inevitable that I will interact with Francophone patients and other health care professionals. Given my poor French, c
  13. I know this post is going to be a bit long and sound very immature but I really need some advice. Since high school, I knew I wanted to pursue medicine. I worked hard in high school to get good grades in advanced classes, volunteered etc.. you get the idea There was this person in high school that I've known since grade 9. He was in several of my classes and probably finished with the highest grade in every class. (I'll call him Josh) Personally, I could not care less if someone was having a success in their life, in fact, I would genuinely congratulate them for their achievemen
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