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  1. Do we still need to meet a 3.70 in the 2019/2020 year? Or did that requirement get omitted due to COVID-19? All I can see is "The minimum GPA must be met for each successive 30 credit hours." https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/admissions/covid-19-information.html Sadly I didn't meet the 3.70 cut-off last year (with or without the COVID term) because I had other unfortunate circumstances in the fall term :( I'm really hoping this requirement got waived! Btw I'm applying next cycle not this cycle.
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping to buy a mouse to use with my laptop and my dad suggested finding the same (or similar) mouse that is used on the actual MCAT. If it's taken on a Mac then I'll buy one of those weird Mac mouses, but if the MCAT is on Windows I'll just buy any old mouse. Does anyone remember what kind of computer they took it on? Thanks in advance
  3. I guess I never realized how long this forum has been around for. If you have a minute, check out some of the old posts from 2002-2003. It’s funny how some discussions are still so similar to today, while others are totally different!
  4. Thanks for the advice! Did you include any activities from high school to fill some gaps? This application cycle for me is kind of like a "trial run" for me. I mostly just want to familiarize myself with the application, see where I stand, and make improvements accordingly for next cycle. Congratulations on your acceptance! I can't even imagine how happy you were when you found out!
  5. Thank you for this! I'm applying for the first time this cycle and I found this really helpful. Today I was looking at my "master list" and trying to categorize them by the application sections. I only have 1 leadership position, 2 service ethics, 2 capacity to work with others, and maybe 4-6 diversity of experience entries. Is this enough? Do you think I stand a chance? All of them have been done for at least 1 year, most of them for 2 years. For context, I'm entering my third year of undergrad.
  6. Thanks for sharing! As a future applicant I find it really helpful to get some insight Also congratulations!!!!!!!
  7. Nothing yet. They said to expect an update is early May, so theoretically by the end of this week. I have their admissions blog bookmarked and just check it frequently.
  8. No Unfortunately all of them require hands-on tasks. One is hands-on help with admin tasks in the hospital (they would never let me have access to these files remotely anyways). The second involves selling and organizing local produce (like fruits and veg) for students. The third is volunteering as a medical responder for campus events; although this is through St. John Ambulance so there is a possibility that I could transfer to my local location (if they even have any opportunities to volunteer). Do you have any suggestions?
  9. Title pretty much says it all. I live on the west coast and go to school on the east coast. I have 3 long(ish) term ECs back east, but if my university goes online there is no way that my parents will pay 10k+ for flights, residence and food when I could stay at home for free. All my ECs will basically be put on hold for the summer and at least one semester. I just picked up one online EC which I'm enjoying and I might contact some supervisors of my high school ECs who I keep in contact with. I would love to be more involved right now by delivering groceries, etc. but my parents are SUPE
  10. UBC doesn't discuss that specifically, but does say this in relation to full-time vs part-time: I'm not aware of any requirements at U of C or U of A. Western has the following policy: U of T has an 'expectation' of the following: Hope this helps!
  11. Title pretty much says it all. I know there's differences in GPA and MCAT cut-offs, but do they have a specific number of seats reserved for IP or OOP students?
  12. Hi all! I'm feeling kinda bummed because I was planning on applying to UBC med this cycle (IP), but my GPA wasn't that great this year. I'm taking the MCAT this August and I'm really determined and motivated to study hard and do well. But, I've heard that UBC doesn't even assess MCAT scores competitively, so even if I scored really well it couldn't make up for my GPA. I think my ECs are decent? I currently hold 3 different volunteering positions; two are with my university and one at a local hospital (one for 2 years, and the others for 1 year). I also paint consistently and run a casual
  13. Hello! I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I don't know what to search to find a thread on this topic. Do any medical schools care about taking out-of-year courses? For example, taking 3rd year courses in 4th year? Would it be a problem if 3/5 classes in a semester were 3rd year courses when you are in fourth year? Just trying to look ahead for course registration I don't know if it's worth bending over backwards and taking courses that I'm not really interested in just to have most of my classes be in my 'year of study'. I'm going to check out admission websites w
  14. Thanks! I have other experience in clinical settings but no shadowing experience. I’m in a lot of forums based in the USA and applicants are always scrambling for shadowing hours (which is surprising considering you’re not actually allowed to do anything except watch). I definitely think there’s more valuable clinical experiences than shadowing
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