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  1. You don't get an NAQ or overall result score if you get an interview congratulations!
  2. Yup, it's a mistake. Just got the email. "There is currently an issue with the information that is displaying on the Application Status page. We are working with the application system developers to fix this issue. In the mean time, you will not be able to access the Application Status page. We look forward to updating you with more information next week. All application status notifications that have been distributed are correct. If you are uncertain if you received an application status notification you can check your Communication History in the Communication tab. If
  3. https://www.oas.med.ubc.ca/applicant/status/app_status.aspx This link still works for me to see application status
  4. Time Stamp: 4:35pm December 18th Result: Regrets GPA/AGPA: 84.8% (not eligible for AGPA) MCAT: 509 (129/125/128/127) Geography: IP ECs: No research, semi-generic awards, lots of meaningful employment from high school, fundraising board executive in high school, hospital volunteering, first aid attendant, volunteer for a university service, travel, hobbies, random interests. No rural experience. Most were quite long term, 1-2 years at least. NAQ Range: 75th-100th Your Result: 44 I agree with what is being said. Its odd that everyone who has posted so far
  5. Can people who are getting regrets please share your last name letter? Sincerely, someone with last name W who really doesn't want to wait until monday
  6. Are you sure it wasn't 10:42am? Otherwise you were the very first applicant to get an interview today!
  7. Congratulations to everyone who got an invite!! I am so happy for you all I have a late alphabet last name so I've pretty much been rejected at this point. On the bright side, I'm still in 3rd year so I'm excited to have a good final year of undergrad (hopefully with less COVID!). Plus I'm interested to see my NAQ score. If you got rejected too, keep your head up! We will make it to the other side eventually! Best of luck for interviews everyone!!
  8. Alphabetical theory update: @Muffincups - 10:17am - A @glglglgl - 10:17am - C @glglglgl's friend - ? - C @futuredocoverhere - 10:17am - C someone I asked on r**dit - 10:41am - E @Ss123toy - 10:42am - 1st quarter of alphabet @llandermm - 10:52am - W (NOTE: this person was MD/PhD) @sorrynotsorry - 12:58pm - H @mountaincaller - 12:58pm - I @BioF - 12:58pm - between F and I @Teaandsugar - 1:20pm(?) - H @BKin.d - 1:20pm - M @TonyClifton - 1:20pm - M @bhaggy - 1:20pm - N @newmy88 - 1:20pm(?) - N This seems pretty established! There is hope for us with late alphabet
  9. Congratulations!!!!! Go kill that interview! Would you mind sharing the first letter of your last name?
  10. Congratulations!!! Would you mind sharing your time stamp and the first letter of your last name?
  11. For everyones sake, I'm going to be optimistic and say that there's more invites coming The alphabet thing seems a lil fishy, and I think adcoms are just on lunch break right now
  12. Not for sure, but I think so. Here is the tiny amount of data we have so far... @Muffincups - 10:17am - A @glglglgl - 10:17am - C @glglglgl's friend - ? - C @futuredocoverhere - 10:17am - C someone I asked on r**dit - 10:41am - E @Ss123toy - 10:42am - 1st quarter of alphabet
  13. What does their last name start with if you don't mind sharing? Mine is W so I hope it's alphabetical!
  14. No problem! Personally I don't think it's a huge advantage, but technically UBC would be going against their own policy if they sent out any invites on Monday. I guess the benefit is that early applicants have a choice of any interview date/time they want (if they book right away). Under regular circumstances, that one additional day would make it easier to book flights, hotels, etc. for potentially a lower price/better date before regular invites came out. This year, its less of a big deal but UBC shouldn't be breaking policy regardless.
  15. No one knows for sure, but I'm 95% sure that this will be the case. It would be really odd for UBC to break their own rules, especially right before a weekend which would give quite a significant advantage to early applicants in booking their interview. You can most likely expect a rejection if you don't hear back tomorrow (again, if UBC follows their rules). Best of luck!
  16. Actually I don't think they can because they specifically say that early invites will come out one day before regular invites. If they don't send them tomorrow, then early applicants would have a 3-4 day advantage to book their interview if they wait until monday. Anything is possible though!
  17. Actually it isn't! Early applicants have no advantage over regular applicants. The time at which you apply does not affect your chances of an invite. Although this is NOT the case in the USA
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