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  1. Certain medical faculties do not discriminate based on the discipline of your undergrad. Other medical faculties (ex ULaval) do discriminate and deem a 4.0 gpa in one discipline unequal to a 4.0 gpa in another discipline. For example, they might place more value on certain science degrees than an arts degree. I would advise you to carefully consider where you would ultimately like to apply for med and to consult the table des étalons de ces universités avec les différentes indices de force pour chaque discipline. Là tu vas voir quels programmes ont de la valeur selon chaque universit
  2. I recently finished organic chemistry with an A- /3.7 gpa. While I recognize this is a perfectly decent/acceptable grade, it is one of my lower science prereq marks. Normally I would just leave it as is and move on. However, I just found out that the university where I did the course offers one exam rewrite for ca $200. What’s more, only the higher of the two exam grades will ultimately be considered. That means that even if I bomb the rewrite, I’m still safe with an A- /3.7 gpa for the course no matter what. Thing is, I’m tempted to rewrite because my overall average for the course
  3. A word of caution regarding Ottawa: if your residency is in QC then you will count as an out of province applicant for UOttawa. This means that you are subject to a considerably higher GPA cutoff (ca 3.87), depending on whether you apply to the anglo or french stream. D’ailleurs si tu es bilingue/francophone il y a aussi d’autres options internationales à considérer, tels que les facultés de médecine en Bélgique. Là bas la formation dure 6 ans je crois et iirc tout le monde est admis au début, mais il y a un processus de triage/filtration pendant les 1-2 premières années pour éliminer bco
  4. Med admissions criteria are generally stable but can and do change over several years (ex elimination of NTP category). So while the science prereq marks don’t have much bearing on this cycle (and potentially the next couple of cycles), I think it’s a good idea to “assume the worst” that in the longer term, science prereq marks may be more heavily weighted once again. That said, if OP gets admitted this cycle then it doesn’t really matter what does/doesn’t change to admissions criteria in the future. So I wish you luck, and if you don’t get in this time just keep your eye on possible chan
  5. Ah I see. Still most people (in Quebec anyway) pursue an undergrad first, and then do law school afterward. So even if law school is considered to be an undergraduate program, one could still choose the previous undergraduate degree as the basis of admission degree (assuming OP has actually done an initial undergraduate degree prior to law school). If no other undergrad was done prior and OP took some kind of accelerated route to law school similar med-p (not so familiar with the alternative routes to get to law school), then as I said, doing a 2nd undergrad would probably be beneficial.
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but many schools (ex McGill) consider the undergraduate degree for the basis of admission - not graduate/doctoral studies. The latter is considered for academic context and could actually boost your profile in a sense for merely having undertaken and completed law studies, but won’t be detrimental for the calculation of your gpa for the purpose of med school admissions. For the calculation of your gpa for the purpose of med school admissions, it is often only the quality of your undergraduate degree gpa which is paramount. Did you do an undergrad before law? If so,
  7. Oui c’est ça, jsuis au courant par rapport à McGill. Et l’U de M a même annoncé les dates de ses mem sur leur siteweb. Mais voyons qu’ils n’ont toujours pas publié de renseignements supplémentaires en ce qui concerne le format, je me demandais si ils se sont décidé finalement de les annuler et d’utiliser juste le casper, comme l’an dernier.
  8. Salut, est-ce que qq un sait si il y a des nouvelles quant aux memfi à l’U de M cette année? Vont-elles avoir lieu ou pas? Ou est-ce qu’elles vont être annulées encore comme l’an dernier et ça va être juste le dossier académique + casper qui compteront? Merci!
  9. Yes, they do change. It may not be every cycle and it may not happen as frequently at every school, if at all. But you didn’t specify a particular institution. If you’re asking generally, yes, admission requirements can change. Example: University of Montreal used to require that if your science prereqs had expired (ie they were completed a certain number of years ago), you had to retake 3 specific courses in order to be eligible to apply (1 bio, 1 physics, and 1 chem I think it was). This policy was recently changed and no courses need to be redone anymore (as of one or two cyc
  10. Well, they wrote in the instructions to ensure only the McGill ID appears on the first page. I guess this means they want the name to be omitted, although they didn’t explicitly state that. I don’t know how having the name included would affect their evaluation. They’re probably just trying to be as impartial/neutral by looking at a number as opposed to a name.
  11. I’m curious too. I’m only seeing this now. I would have loved to partake and was wondering what kind of information was provided at the info session, if anyone would care to share!
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