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  1. Les CRUs partagées par u de m suite à un refus incluent chaque bonus mérité déjà.
  2. Not entirely true. OP is targeting Quebec med schools. Some Quebec med schools do give a bonus based on where you did your undergrad (ex OP did theirs at U de M, and accordingly will receive a +0.5 cru bonus should they apply to u de m med). Similarly, some Quebec schools discriminate based on what field you did your undergrad in using various so-called echelon tables. So a 3.98/4.3 gpa doesn’t necessarily carry the same weight at all Quebec schools. McGill is an exception and looks at applicants more like bearded frog says (less discrimination based on what/where you did undergrad).
  3. I hear you keipop, but as OP clarified above, turns out they indeed completed enough credits at u de m to earn the +0.5 cru bonus. As well, they will additionally benefit from their recently completed master's +0.5 cru bonus on all future applications. Therefore, if I were them, I would def get a few more A+'s but I would not wait until having completed a 2nd undergrad before applying to u de m, as you initially suggested above
  4. If I may ask, why do you think their grades will “tank” them at udem but not ulaval? Is engineering really bcp mieux coté à laval qu’à mtl? The new 33 CRU cut off at udem seems to be an arbitrary covid measure- who knows if it will still be in place after the pandemic. OP’s master’s would also earn them a +0.5 cru bonus at u de m. In addition, they didn’t say where they did their undergrad but if it was at u de m, that would fetch them an additional +0.5 cru bonus at u de m. It adds up! Haha
  5. I don’t think this true for UdeM. Udem works similarly to Ulaval, whereby all undergrad courses are included in the calculation of the CRU. So a 2nd undergrad wouldn’t have to be completed for udem either
  6. I can’t judge if they are good since I haven’t read them, but I’ve seen that the top pinned thread in the non trad section concerns 2nd undergrad. also, in the general Quebec discussions section, you can check out the many “programme tremplin” threads.
  7. I believe Ottawa’s French stream has a gpa cut-off based on geography (ie where you live). For QC residents (which OP is) Uottawa’s French stream cutoff is a minimum of 3.87/4 if I’m not mistaken.
  8. C’est automatisé, le soir/weekend probablement pour éviter l’inondation d’appels aux adcoms que se feraient si les décisions étaient envoyées pendant les heures de travail. L’envoi le soir/weekend donne aux gens le temps de digérer la nouvelle à mon avis.
  9. They’re going to Germany not for the wages (which are low for MDs compared to other countries, pretty much on par with German teachers’ salary); they’re going to Germany for the overall better quality of life (better quality of education for their kids, healthcare, etc).
  10. ça se peut, mais si c'était le cas, je me demande pourquoi les unis accorderaient une telle grande valeur au score casper dans l'évaluation des dossiers. Au contraire, je pense que le casper doit aussi permettre de se démarquer; sinon, une pondération mineure (genre 10% environ) suffirait dans l'évaluation, s'il s'agissait vraiment d'une mesure inutile où tout le monde obtient le même score à peu près.
  11. Do not do anything because of what other people want or expect of you. You’re only setting yourself up for hardship, unhappiness and likely, an eventual change of course down the road. Do something which interests you genuinely, because if you’re into the subject matter you’ll have the drive to succeed and the stamina required for longevity in any career. if you think this field is for you, try to find out if that’s really the case (ie filter out the influences around you and see if your own true inner voice is actually telling you, “hey, this is for me!” or if it’s screaming “run!
  12. C’est à cause peut-être de son CASPER, relatif aux scores des autres applicants dans chacun des programmes (ex son casper a été jugé insuffisant comparé aux scores casper des autres applicants en med, tandis que le même score a été suffisant comparé aux scores des applicants en dent) c’est juste une théorie! Puisque une cote de 36+ devrait être compétitive
  13. 1. I have not been in a similar situation but I can tell you that you are on the right track in pursuing another undergrad. Undergrad gpa is king, so getting that sub-3 undergrad gpa up should definitely be your priority. 2. You’re in quebec, and there’s variation between the med schools in qc in terms of what you study. For example, McGill doesn’t care what you studied in undergrad. For the 3 French schools, they very much care and have tables des étalons (which I think only ULaval publishes, you can google it) which they use to adjust your academic score (Cote rendement universitaire) b
  14. Hehe c’est ça la question! Peut-être la survie (c’est à dire le manque d’un refus) jusqu’à la date des premières offres, soit le 13 mai dernier...? mais je ne sais pas! C’est juste de la spéculation
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