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  1. I got my offer on June 13th last year, but I personally know of about two or three other people who got their offers later than I did (of the people who are comfortable sharing), so all hope is not lost. Either way though, I know the stress of being waitlisted and I feel for you guys. Hang in there!
  2. They haven't released the schedule for 2022, but it seems to be around 12 weeks of clerkship pre-carms electives for us also. I would imagine that they won't be changing the curriculum much for 2023.
  3. Just checking in after starting med school; I am not yet cynical, but I already have a bit of disillusionment in healthcare (re my nursing background). However, since I know what to expect and that it won't be all roses and daffodils, I have high hopes that I won't get salty or cynical by the time I graduate. I'll check back in after graduation, wish me luck! (P.S. I loved this thread)
  4. As far as I know they do not release any information about waitlist movement, I know people have called in the past and all get the same canned answer. I assume that there is still potential for movement until Wendy Edge sends out the letter notifying everybody still on the waitlist that the spots have all been filled up. Historically that has happened in late June.
  5. If you are waitlisted again next year then DO IT! And I'll be sure to chime in and support you guys! (P.S. I haven't updated my analysis in a bit, I'll update it soon) Good luck
  6. I generally agree that the nursing profession is not often supportive of nurses pursuing medicine, however the exception to that (in my experience) is academic nurses. Every nursing professor or nursing faculty that I have discussed my goals with has been very supportive of my pursuit, and I even got two letters of recommendation from nursing faculty an professors at my school. Since you seem to be leaning towards getting an NP, I would suggest to try to build good relationships with the academic nurses that you encounter in the program and (if you feel that one or another is approachable
  7. Neither one, she just said: "We have just dealt with our deferral requests so that has freed up a couple of spots!"
  8. Accepted to Hamilton off of the waitlist! Timestamp: 1924, June 13th Thank you guys for waiting with me, we suffered together, and the more fortunate ones of us will now study together. And for all who didn't make it (yet, there are still a couple weeks left!) stay strong and have pride in the fact that you were among the strongest applicants of the entire year. See you in August, Cheers (P.S. Wendy Edge told me that they have just dealt with the deferral requests, and that had free up a couple spots)
  9. Many of us have probably already given up hope, and I don't blame you, but I still hold onto a small sliver. This sliver is primarily based on my analysis of past years (linked in my signature). Briefly, my data-mining has shown that each year, from the original list of waitlisters, the following percentage of them have received offers of admission: 2015: 70% of 20 2016: 40% of 30 2017: 39% of 18 2018: 71% of 17 2019: 14% of 28 (so far) Although the variability is obvious, I also think that 14% is too low for this year to be over yet. Also, I don't believe that looking
  10. I'm not against having discussion here, but too much off topic might make it more difficult for future students to look through the old forums for useful information. Also, your questions might yield helpful information for others, but they will never find it if it is buried inside a waitlist forum.
  11. I doubt it, most people don't even know what the curriculum change is, and none of us actually know how it will play out in the long run. Also, I've come across a post listing the curriculum change as a bad thing, and a reason to not choose Mac.
  12. Okay, I'm still working on the full analysis (which is posted as a second page to the first analysis), but so far it seems that last year, of the original self-declared waitlist, 70% of them received offers (12/17). So far, only 14% of this year's self-declared waitlist has been given offers (4/28). THAT is the reason that I think that we have only seen a small wave so far.
  13. Oh no, now I'm going to have to go back and do another analysis? See you back here in a few hours...
  14. Lol, thanks for the confidence. Also, I still don't believe that yesterday was the "big movement" day for waitlisters. I've updated my spreadsheet and still only 3 of the original 18 on the waitlist have been given offers. (the other 6 offers were to people who hadn't self-reported to be on the waitlist prior, so aren't part of the original denominator). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1veut8qS9UI8PeHtni7NK7Vx9ONmUgoNYCohJx-G3Cx0/edit?usp=sharing
  15. wait, so you got the email 5 days ago? Also, I thought that timestamps did mean something, nothing to do with when you will be called or what position you are in the list, but it just has to do with where your name falls in the alphabet.
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