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  1. Hey just wanna know how many people have heard back from UofT as of now? This process seems too ambiguous ...
  2. How many grants do Canadians students get? I thought most of it was for US residents.
  3. Hey just for some insight, how do you plan to pay for this? Most schools come down to somewhere close to 350K USD..
  4. Looks like a mixed response.. All those who are viewing this thread please do post your stats so we can make some sense of the criteria for invites..
  5. What did you differently..when you applied for the third cycle? I mean how was your CV different than first two cycles...
  6. But how do you know what the section/composite section cut-offs are...? :|
  7. So Queens CARs cut off is usually around 126 and above?
  8. Time Stamp: 1:54 PM Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.88 CARS: 125 Casper: Not sure, attempted all questions Geography: IP
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