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  1. A friend of mine dropped Queens PT recently..someone should receive an acceptance!
  2. Update: Rejected from UofT, UWO Accepted: Queens Still have not heard back from Mac but I guess that means a rejection. Happy to be accepted to Queens and looking forward to meeting everyone in September!
  3. Me too! I look forward to meeting you My stats are OOP, 4 yr Honours GPA 3.85/4.3 not much direct patient experience but have 7 years work experience in corporate healthcare.
  4. Anyone heard back yet? It'll be mid-march next week so not sure if invites have already been given out!
  5. As a future PT, I can imagine a great patient base of dentists. Will definitely look into targeting dentists with incentives to come to my practice and possibly utilize "ODA membership discounts" in my fees
  6. OOP applicant, still haven't heard anything! Guess we'll get something next week?
  7. ORPAS completely messed up my sub-GPA calculation and I ended up contacting the schools I applied too about fixing it. They recalculated my sub-GPA and told me over the phone my new sub-GPA for my application so you don't necessarily have to go through ORPAS to get it fixed!
  8. Applied: PT --> Queens, UWO, Mac, UofTAccepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: c-gpa: 3.82, sub-gpa: 3.92Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: References are strong; shadowed at 3 outpatient PT clinics for 6 months (~200 hours), 1 cardiac rehab centre for 3 months (~50 hours), started my own dance program for seniors, working administrative job for last 4 years, former clinical research assistant for paediatric studies, 12 years volunteering with a non-profit organization planning fundraisers and events, multiple service learning trips abroad to Asia and Africa conducting commu
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