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  1. Hi, For anyone living in Ottawa, what are some apartment recommendations close to the hospital? Everywhere I'm looking online has bad reviews (the Riverside apartments)
  2. Does anyone know if there's a facebook group?
  3. Result: Accepted Stream: English Time-stamp: 7:06 am wGPA: 3.94 CASPer: It was decent. It was not good enough for a Mac interview though. ECs: A variety of activities (PM for more details) Interview: The interviewers were very nice. After the interview, I did start doubting myself and my answers. I guess it was decent enough! Year: 4th Year Undergrad Geography: IP
  4. Offer of admission - Faculty of Medicine - University of Ottawa
  5. How does students coming from health science not represent diversity in our society... LOL. They come from diverse backgrounds too. I simply don't understand the logic in that statement. Additionally, these medical schools do not just screen for Health Sci's like "Oh, Health sci! Must admit them immediately!" They go through the same anonymous process everyone else goes through.
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