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  1. You could always write and void if you don’t feel confident
  2. They do this every year though. Last year it was the same and it ended up being red. My guess is they use a green bag as the model one to green screen it to change all the colours is done.
  3. Your best bet is just letting Ottawa know. I've talked to Chantal about deferring my interview to a later date due to something that came up last minute and she was able to accommodate with proof. She's very understanding and will actually help you out (her email back after I wrote to inform them that I was declining Ottawa was nothing but respectful). Just email her and see where it goes from there.
  4. I called and emailed the Admissions Office on Tuesday (last Tuesday, the 21st) and was emailed the letter of enrolment immediately. It doesn't confirm enrolment but it says that I will be enrolled in September should I meet all requirements (that big checklist...). Scotia took it and didn't have any concerns with it, and I was approved last Thursday. They manually write one up if you request it (Catherine, the admissions coordinator wrote it up). I just had to confirm to her that I accepted offer/paid my $1000 deposit. I would call them when you have the chance!
  5. Same! Best to you, I will say I did get on the lower end of the 3k mark but I guess they have their own method of calculation. Best to you with the Schulich Scholarship as well!
  6. I also declared as an independent but (6 years out of high school) but I declared my parent's income regardless. That might be the reasoning?
  7. Under 5k, my parents make a decent amount so I didn't expect anything at all, but I'm technically an independent. They gave me in the 3-4k range.
  8. Can confirm, received a bursary with a decent amount - and they told me via phone that it has no bearing on other scholarship applications.
  9. I got Windsor as first choice. I understand when people don't want Windsor. I grew up here so I like it a lot, but it's not exactly a city to write home about if you're from out of town. I've seen a lot of unspecified locations end up being London, so you could roll the dice.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/schulichmeds2023/ Here you go!
  11. There's a post in the acceptances thread that has high waitlist, so I think they just went as normal, but added more rejections?
  12. Timestamp: May 14 @ 9:36 AM Result: Accepted to Windsor Campus (first choice) wGPA: 3.97 ECs: Very diverse and long-term. Feel free to PM me for more information. SWOMEN: Yes Year: Just finished M.Sc. last month MCAT: 519 (131/128/130/130) Interview: Panel was really stone faced and only receptive when I gave an answer. The physician stared through my soul and crossed his arms, but at the end smiled finally and shook my hand. I honestly thought this was my worst interview but I guess it worked out! Will be accepting after I receive the email to make sure
  13. You only need to submit scores to OMSAS by November 1, not October 1, which is well past the score release dates for the entire summer schedule (up until mid-September as well). As long as you release by November 1st (it's a quick process), you should be fine. I wrote my MCAT this year and got my score back October 23 and got a Western invite, for what it's worth. You should have plenty of time.
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