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  1. Last year was really unusually high! Not trying to stamp on anybody's dreams, but from what I remember it can basically go anywhere from ~5 to ~25 most years, with higher than that being possible but unlikely. Still, you never know!
  2. I IP, but I was a "mature" applicant (I'm 30 and worked full time for like 7 years) so all my prereqs and my MCAT were in the past couple of years.
  3. Admitted with condition!! This was my second time--my science GPA was a 4.0 or very close and my MCAT was a 527, so it was alllll on that interview. I'm so happy
  4. I just got invited last night too! Congrats Folks on the waitlist, keep your hopes up! It's still possible!!
  5. Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that I just got invited (last night) off of the waitlist for interview! Keep your hopes up if you got waitlisted, it can happen!!
  6. I'm so confused; what the actual fuck is happening here? How are people with 4.0s, great MCAT scores, and hundreds of hours of volunteering getting rejected? Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:00 am Interview Date: N/A wGPA: 3.88 Year: Graduated in 2010 BA MCAT: 527 (132/132/132/131) ECs: Worked full time for 8 years in medical communications, not too much volunteer work. Professional musician for ~10 years. Geography: OOP
  7. TIME STAMP: ~10:30 Result: Waitlisted (Reviewed - Decision Pending) cGPA: 3.88; post-bac/science GPA is 4.0. MCAT: 527 Feeling about Casper: Felt good, did well enough to get an interview at McMaster! ECs: Not great, honestly. Have been working full-time as a medical writer/editor for about 8 years--worked as an RA for a while in undergrad and after with one publication (as like 12th author) to my name, very little volunteer experience but I've been trying to put in a few more things this year. Professional musician. Year: Graduated UG in 2010, went for post-Bacc 2016-2017
  8. Hey all, first post on these forums! Time Stamp: 1:10 PM Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.88 CARS: 132 Casper: Seemed like it went well! Also did well on it last year based on feedback from my McGill app. Geography: OOP This is my first time applying out of province; I'm in QC and applied at McGill last year and was waitlisted but didn't get in. This year I have the MCAT so I applied OOP as well. I'm 30 and have been working full time in a medical-adjacent field since my undergrad finished in 2010.
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