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  1. Just got an email and was put on the waitlist (I'm a domestic student). Kinda disappointed but does anyone know how likely it is for waitlist people to be accepted in the future?
  2. Hi Guys, Looking for some advice. I just completed my undergraduate degree, however, I have not yet been accepted to medical school. I am still very eager and determined to achieve my goal of becoming a practicing medical physician, however, I am not sure which route will provide me with the best opportunity to achieve such a goal. I have a strong cGPA (3.88-89) depending on how I finish the year, with my 2 best years likely first and fourth - 3.92 in first and somewhere between 3.88-3.9 in fourth year. I did not well amazing on the CARS section on my MCAT, so I will be writing it ag
  3. Hi, I'm a fourth year student in the process of applying to medical school. My best year was first year and I dropped off a bit but have been pretty consistent. Can someone help analyze my gpa and if I am a competitive applicant for Ontario medical school First year: 3.92 Second: 3.87 Third and Fourth: 3.88 Does it look bad that my first year gpa was the highest and that I got the same GPA in third and fourth year? The reason for the decline, is that while I continued to get the same amount of 85-90's, I received a high 70 in a course in third and fourth year, which af
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