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  1. just take the american DAT. You can do it before November and it will allow you to apply to some American schools this upcoming summer if you want to, and you can even use it to apply to Canadian schools other than Alberta that requires the Manual Dexterity section...only downside is that you need to be decent at math for it, and you need to know some Orgo
  2. If we haven't heard anything from them by this point, do we assume rejection?
  3. If medical schools saw your forum name and was able to identify you, do you think they'd give you a spot?
  4. last year they came out thursday march 1. Tomorrow is march 1. Today is thursday. Wouldn't be surprised if they came out today. Might be next week we'll see.
  5. For the past 2 years, it was sent out Thursday March 2nd 2017 and Thursday March 1 2018. So my guess is either this Thursday February 28 or next thursday March 7!
  6. Your stats look great. Not sure why you haven't had success after 2 tries in Canada. I definitely think it's worth a shot for you to try the states!
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