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  1. I read this comment multiple times because there were certain unspoken truths within it that I’ve tried to hide from and push aside. I think its very true that I lack self confidence. Often, when talking to anyone, one of my primary worries is being hyper aware for signs that they're judging me or are annoyed by my presence. When I see an attractive woman walking with her partner, I focus almost all of my attention on her partner, not her as I try to rationalize what makes him better than me. These are all things that I know I have to change, but will take time and effort to do so.
  2. -I don't pay any attention to the pick up artist / red pill bs that was posted earlier. I'm a pretty proud feminist and I did a lot of work for various organizations helping disadvantaged women in the indigenous community etc. -The reason I can't bring myself to talk to women in a context outside of purely professional or academic is because my greatest fear is coming off as a creep or making a woman uncomfortable. This gives me a lot of anxieties which have resulted in me basically avoiding approaching any girls. My best friend is my sister so I would say she's the only woman that I hav
  3. y'all need jesus as much as I need a girlfriend
  4. What does this mean? Edit: just googled it. lol.
  5. I spent the time between my interview and May 14 neurotically tracking waitlist movement and patterns based on premed 101 posts for the past 5+ years. Based on that, what happened this year is pretty unusual. Most of the time, everyone who is accepted through unspecified campus on may 14 gets London Campus, and a good chunk of the high waitlist also gets London Campus. This year, the high waitlist started to clear into windsor right from the start. Wheter this means there will be less waitlist movement overall remains to be seen, usually the waitlist moves through 70-80 people in total.
  6. Alright getting a little off track guys. I think everything that was to be said about his has been said, some of you were even helpful through private messages and I thank you for that. I've never settled for anything in my life and I won't start now. I'm going to work on myself and incorporate the advice I've been given.
  7. I've been lifting since last year and I think I'm slightly overweight currently (6'1, 225 lbs). I'm pretty strong with the stereotypical V-shaped body and broad shoulders (people often comment on them), so I don't think I look bad but who knows ... Also I thank you for your advice but reading that I might not be good enough for a girl and might have to "settle down" for someone less desirable (in my eye, obviously don't mean to objectify anyone) is not exactly heartening to hear ... not sure if that's what you intended to get across, but I would much rather work on my self and impr
  8. How do I offer to keep in touch with a girl? Again this stuff may seem easy to you guys but I guess I'm just socially deficient when it comes to this because it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to interact with women in any manner that isn't purely cordial. What do I message a girl that I'm interested in? Again I haven't really gone to parties in my life so far but I will perhaps start doing that. On the occasions that I have gone to a party or bar, I've spent the entire time with my male friends and have noticed attractive women around me, but almost all of them will be ther
  9. Did you initiate the personal messages on facebook? If so, how did you do so without feeling extremely awkward? like a simple "what's up?" There have been times when girls that i've been interested in me have added me on facebook or dropped some hints in person, but I feel they were waiting for me to make a move and I have no idea how to do so without feeling awkward.
  10. I would never do something as uncomfortable as that, thanks for the caution though lol. But i havent received much advice other than “just be confident around girls.” Thats the thing, i think i am confident around everyone, but it’s never resulted in anything. Also, thats like telling an obese person “just dont eat so much”... do any of you guys have positive experiences with dating apps like tinder or bumble?
  11. Hello, I've been admitted to a couple of schools but will be attending Schulich this fall. That's great and all, but I feel like I'm missing out on a big part of life: dating. I've never had a girlfriend, never held hands or kissed a girl, and am obviously a virgin. I don't think I'm weird around girls, I would actually consider myself to be a socially competent individual. I've just never gotten around to being with a girl. I feel too awkward approaching a stranger, and unfortunately most of my social circle consists of males. Will things be different in medical school? I rea
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