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  1. Just cuz I wasn't asked for my transcripts again, so how else could they check
  2. Hey guys my offer was only conditional upon CRC and immunization... does that mean there's literally no way that my grades this semester could affect my acceptance? *i'm not close to failing any courses I'm just wondering if I can finish with some B's instead of A's.
  3. I've been accepted to both schools. (I'm from BC) This is not a question about weather, city, traffic. I'd like to hear from students who have been to either school. UBC students, I'm not too thrilled to do PBL. UofT students, the class is very large. Do you get stressed easily as a result of waiting in lines? ANY info about the actual school environment and curriculum is highly appreciated.
  4. here's a question: has anyone been accepted yet? It looks like rejects/waitlists might be coming out first then acceptances come out later.
  5. Exactly you guys, The FAQ page mentions annual GPA While The acceptance letter says any courses I'll be sure to inform the forum once we get to the bottom of this
  6. Accepted! Gpa: mid eighties dat: AA 22 PAT 20 interview: very natural so excited to see all of you!
  7. I simply called the admissions office this morning and asked!
  8. Hi everyone, seeing as admissions has informed me that letters will be sent out “tomorrow at the latest,” I figured it’s that time of year again: status: cGPA: DAT: Self-perceived interview thoughts: regardless of the outcome guys, we came a long way and that’s something admirable!
  9. PLEASE DM ME IF YOU WANT MY SKYPE NAME TO PRACTICE STOCK MMI QUESTIONS TOGETHER Invite IP GPA: 85% AA: 22 PAT: 20 All I can say about CASPer is that my responses weren't cut off by the timer
  10. I was banking on the above speculation, but parents told me today is only the second Monday of January! Whoops lol!
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