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  1. do you think it means Reject tho? If we haven't gotten anything
  2. They got the invite later in the day? This gives me hope
  3. I'm also a non-trad (engineering), without any background in bio & chemistry. I really don't think you should enroll in a prep course. Self-studying was sufficient to get a decent score (517) in 3.5 months, and that money will be better spent on getting prep resources (i used Kaplan books and Uearth). It's totally doable!
  4. I'm pretty sure if you graduate from an engineering program, you can call yourself an "engineer". You just can't call yourself a professional engineer.
  5. Thank you all! I will probably get the TPR books, and use Kaplan for maybe quick review/refresher.
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently preparing for the mcat exam in the August of 2020 while working full-time right now. I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of content I have to cover for the exam, and the fact that I need to learn all of them from scratch since I have not taken a single course covered in mcat... I have the Kaplan prep books, but I've been told that it's too light on the content, and that TPR is the way to go if you're learning from scratch. Is this true? Any recommendations? I'm just afraid of wasting time by using the wrong prep books to study. I have ar
  7. Hey thanks for the response man, I really appreciate it. Yeah for now my main focus is the GPA. Trying my best to raise that up to 3.95+ cgpa for year 3 and 4 but it's so hard :/ Also I've recently secured a research position at the SickKids hospital so I'm really looking forward to it! Do you have any good resources for CARS practice? As you've said, I think I can self-study the rest of the MCAT content but the CARS section seems the most difficult to me. I already do online daily passages but haven't been helping very much. Thanks a lot
  8. That's amazing dude! By any chance did you have a solid reading/writing background? Or were you more on the average side of the spectrum?
  9. Thank you so much for your response! Do you mind if I dm some other questions I have? I'm actually aiming for Western myself as well and would love to get to know more about your experiences on preparing for it
  10. lol thanks man. Well i have to say engineering so far has been pretty shit. Pointlessly hard. I'd definitely not recommend taking my path to medicine I will definitely grind all the sections of the exam, but from what I heard CARS is probably the most important, so I'll get started with that soon. You also aiming for medicine?
  11. Thanks for the insight! I will absolutely focus on school the most. The current plan is to do biomedical research my next coop (which is more relaxed than a regular coop job), so that I can focus on studying MCAT as well as on volunteering. Again, thanks a lot I really appreciate it!
  12. Thanks man, really gives me a lot of hope. Yeah I really don't breaks longer than 2 weeks because of school & coops. Do you think doing a research is worthwhile? Also do you have any tips for preparing for CARS section of MCAT? I have roughly a year, so would like to tackle the fundamentals.
  13. Thanks a lot man! I'll try one first then go from there
  14. Hey guys, I'm planning on writing my MCAT in about a year (currently 2nd year here). I've heard lots and lots about CARS being the hardest section on the exam, and that it's also the hardest section to improve on. Here's a bit about me: I simply don't read a lot of books (and have not in the past). Given the nature of my undergrad (engineering), I was also not forced to read a lot of textbooks. Are there any advice that you guys could give me in order to get myself ready for the CARS section of the exam? Would doing lots of CARS example questions be enough, or should I wo
  15. Thanks for the response! Is my GPA competitive the way it is, or is it only competitive for students with engineering degree? I'm hoping the GPA will improve over the years as I put more effort and time (and also from the trends I've seen from my seniors). As well, how long would you say it will take to study MCAT from scratch? (I guess it depends on many factors, but just a rough estimate from your/other people's experiences).
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