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  1. I think all UofT medical students are not going to be allowed to shadow, regardless of whether or not their shadowing is at an associated hospital. They mentioned in one of the webinars how it's an MD program policy, because of insurance considerations etc.
  2. I cant seem to find information of this welcome bonus online on Scotiabank's website. All I see is that you can get a maximum of 40k bonus rewards (30k with $1000 purchase, and 10k if you spend another $40000 lol) with the Visa Infinite Card Can you give us a link to the 5000-point welcome bonus
  3. Oh we're looking on the bright side alright...
  4. Yeah, you can check it out here: https://applymd.utoronto.ca/application-tips
  5. In their admissions recap webinar, they mentioned how post-interview ranking is based on 50% pre-interview score and 50% interview. If we're sure that MCAT isn't assessed competitively pre-interview, then it's definitely not assessed competitively post-interview.
  6. Are we sure that we're even gonna get backpacks? Would it be a priority for CMA given COVID?
  7. Has the class been filled? Anyone on the waitlist rejected yet?
  8. I'm thinking that statistic was unweighted/cumulative GPA?
  9. *anxiously waits for academy decisions *
  10. UofT hasn't announced anything either yet - correct me if I'm wrong
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