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  1. I am 39, just started first year and planning on doing a 5 year residency. I have a family and minimal money coming in. Couldn't be happier. DM me and we can set up a time to chat.
  2. Don't know much about NOSM, but just wanted to say. Apply with what you have as long as you meet the cut off. It sounds like you have some amazing experiences and knowledge. Get help with writing your application. Im a non-trad, previous healthcare professional and older than you. Just started my first year at UofC.
  3. Your CARS is sweet, your GPA is on the lower end (check past reference stats and cut offs). With everyone I speak to, in this position you have 2 choices. Do extra years and bump up your GPA or go out into your community and do something that you are passionate about. Masters and PhD are up to you...again are you passionate to do these? Your life skills and experiences is what makes you stand out from other applicants. The latter is by far more important in my books, but bumping up your GPA can't hurt. Feel free to DM me.
  4. Where does your GPA end up at for Alberta schools? CARS?
  5. I'll keep this short. But happy to talk further, DM me if you do. You have the GPA. You have a tonne of extra curriculars. How you present these is key. Sit the MCAT and see how you do. I'm significantly older than you and just began my first year at UofC. Loving it. You'll make way better money in finance, like you said. Not everyone ends up where they initially envisioned when starting medicine. If you're ok with that, then I think you have a decent shot.
  6. I'm not too surprised. Leasing is a car is basically like applying for a loan. If you have no income coming in, then how do you pay back the 'loan' as you are contractually supposed to do. From my understanding lenders don't like you paying one credit account with another. But I agree, try a different dealer and see what happens.
  7. Focus on getting good marks in your last 2 years. GPA requirements are not a mystery. If you meet the minimum then you have a chance. Based on your final score you will be able to make a better decision. If you do meet the minimum you'll need to find ways to make up the ground in other ways. E.g. high MCAT, impactful EC's, great references etc. These are things you can focus on now. Just my two cents.
  8. You need to speak to a mortgage broker first. I don't think you'll be given a mortgage if you have no or low income coming in. An LOC is a loan and I don't think you can pay off a debt by creating another debt. I own two properties (older, non-trad) and I was told buying another property would be almost impossible. Speak to the mortgage broker and see if this is even possible, especialy with CHMC rules tightening.
  9. Still waiting for my status to change in UCAN indicating that my deposit has been processed and no new communication from anyone about anything from UofC. I think the affects of the pandemic has slowed everything unfortunately. Keep faith. Edit: Now processed
  10. Deposits had to be in by today (June 2). I sent mine last Wednesday overnight registered mail, still hasn't been processed.
  11. Way easier than said for sure. Focusing on the things that you can control is a great skill to have, but often wavers. Keep faith.
  12. As of Dr. P's post if 75% of class is full (assuming the class is 155 seats) before waitlisters, that leaves about 39 seats. If the facebook thing is accurate looking at 14 or so seats left. But the facebook group has over 400 members, so interpret that as you will. Keep faith, but don't drive yourself crazy. Good luck!
  13. Result: Accepted off the Waitlist Geography: IP AGPA: 3.85 (calculated by UCAN) MCAT: 502 (126 CARS) Degree : Bachelor of Physio (overseas) EC: Non-trad older applicant. 10+ years of experience in healthcare (private and public), coaching and playing sports at elite level, volunteer with amateur sports team for 5+ years. Other stuff too. Interview: Cohort 2 interview. It was, what it was, but appreciated the opportunity to say something. 2nd time applicant. 1st time interview. Would love to help other future applicants with this grueling process.
  14. Looking back on it, I'm not sure the AFMC numbers are right. If they had to put out 279 offers last year for 139 spots, that would mean 140 spots were declined, right?? During a "slow" year for movement on the waitlist. So, using those numbers, it is likely to leave about 40 or so people on the list. 2 cycles ago about 10 IP were left on the list according to the reference stats provided by UofC. Maybe more hope after all.
  15. Likely May 26ish when deposits of the accepted group are due.
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