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  1. Apply to any and all schools that you can based on each school's in-province and out-of-province criteria. If you get multiple interviews, do as many as you can. If you get multiple offers, make a decision from there. Now, if you are thinking of moving to another province to become a resident over the next 1 to 2 years, then Calgary is a good option. Check out Dalhousie as well.
  2. The rest of the MCAT gets lumped into the academic assessment and is worth 10% overall. With your stated GPA, solid CARS and some decent EC's, I'd say you would be in very good shape!
  3. At the start of med school, I had two mortgages (BC and Alberta), leasing a vehicle, young family and partner that does not work. No other debt, good credit. No issues getting the full LOC from Scotia
  4. The Foothills campus (FMC) is away from the main campus (30 minute walk from Crows Nest Hall as per google). As Bdizzle stated, the St. Andrews heights area is where a number of students live and probably the most cost effective area in terms of travel time, parking and gas.
  5. Waitlisted last year. Initiall accepted batch have 2 weeks to respond. You will not hear anything until then likely. The first waitlisted batch is released basically on the day they set out. Then I believe in small batches after that. Lots of movement in years past, keep faith and good luck!
  6. Call Telus and ask. Their deals always change. When I looked into it last year, it wasn't a great discount.
  7. Your high school career has no bearing on whether you will end up in dentistry. You need a high GPA to get into your chosen field. You might find that having a goal helps you focus and study more, or maybe you don't need to study more, just more efficiently. Do well in your undergrad and work from there, you know what your goal is. And on a slightly different note, dentistry/med programs aren't particularly difficult and needs everyone to be perfect students, it's just that there are not enough seats for all those who want to get in.
  8. Im 39 and currently in first year at UofC and left a career making 100-120K a year and moe in the future. I completely agree with Maturemed86's comments. ER and anesthesia are my two top choices, but ending up in FM is also very okay. One of my mentors told me "You're going to be old, why not be old and a doctor if thats what you want." Feel free to DM me and we can set up a time to chat if you would like.
  9. 39 yo, physiotherapist, currently in 1st year, loving it. Feel free to DM me and we can chat.
  10. Whatever you would wear at a traditional interview.
  11. I am 39, just started first year and planning on doing a 5 year residency. I have a family and minimal money coming in. Couldn't be happier. DM me and we can set up a time to chat.
  12. Don't know much about NOSM, but just wanted to say. Apply with what you have as long as you meet the cut off. It sounds like you have some amazing experiences and knowledge. Get help with writing your application. Im a non-trad, previous healthcare professional and older than you. Just started my first year at UofC.
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