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  1. Interview or Rejection: R TimeStamp: 1:03pm EST GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 513 Maritime Connection (/OOP, IP): OOP, no real maritimes connection but thought my essay was compelling
  2. Just got the R from Dal OOP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 513 No strong maritime connection
  3. Hey at least we know it’ll be next week right? (I hope lol) hang in there friends!!
  4. Hey! I completely agree with your statement 100% and not looking to ruffle your feathers However, coming on here and engaging with others who are going through a lot of the same struggles as me is actually quite comforting and what keeps me going. My family and friends irl don’t really understand what it’s like, so knowing there’s a community out there that gets it is really important to me. So although we don’t want to help the neuroticism flourish, I also wouldn’t want people to take a step back from support they can’t get elsewhere, or feel ashamed from seeking it here, and I’d rather them
  5. Im hoping today is the day! I’m OOP so my expectations are low but you never know!
  6. I haven't applied through the ACCESS pathway before, but what I did was explained more about the situation in the "About you" section. I don't know if they'll put two and two together, but I think thats the best way to attempt to give them all of the relevant information in my opinion!
  7. OHHHHH MY GOD IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Congratulations!!
  8. Does anyone know how they assess the 20 hours worked/week for the ACCESS pathway? On average, if I take the amount of hours I worked and divide it by the number of weeks in the academic years, I am at the requirement. However I know there were some single weeks that were below 20 hours/week. Any ideas on how they go about this?
  9. Same here. Just got the class is full email. Thank you for all the endless support! See you all next year
  10. Just thought I’d update you all: @cabbagesoup messaged me back from original account and it was in fact them! The reason for a new account was because they only had access to their phone and didn’t remember the password. Received the offer last Monday and accepted the offer. Congrats!! Could mean that there’s still more to come considering it looks like some people were skipped!
  11. Class is full email went out at Mac today hopefully there’s still some movement left at Ottawa!
  12. What are the new changes? I can’t seem to find them!
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