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  1. ACCEPTED (VFMP)!!!! OOP - I can’t believe it. I applied to UBC thinking my application fee would be a donation to the school to get my NAQ score lol. Safe to say, I was surprised to receive the interview and SHOCKED to receive the acceptance. I have offers at two Ontario school, but will be taking a good look at UBC because I’m still so undecided! Congrats to everyone, and if you didn’t get in, keep your head up! This is my third application cycle and finally things have started to work out! Don’t give up
  2. Time Stamp: 9:12am Accepted/WL/R: Accepted (London)! IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): No, but applied through ACCESS 2YGPA: 3.97 MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 130/126/129 Interview Experience (good, bad, neutral etc): felt this was my best interview! My panel was very friendly and welcoming and I felt very comfortable! Still unsure if I am accepting as I have Mac as well!
  3. Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 8:37am cGPA: 3.93 CARS: 126 (?!???!!!) CASPer: MUST have gone well lol MMI interview thoughts: lol I for SURE thought I was getting rejected. In the second interview I kept having tech issues and it kept making me re-record 7 minute answers so I definitely was feeling the pressure. I’m pretty sure I had frustrated tears in my eyes during one of my answers lol. Surprised to say the least at the result! Year: Graduated 2019 Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: No Unsure if I am accepting as I have
  4. Time Stamp: 9:12:00 Result: Good waitlist cGPA: 3.927 Stream: English Year: Finished Undergrad 2019 Adding for stats - will likely be taking myself off the waitlist as I have other offers
  5. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 9:52am wGPA/cGPA: 3.97/3.93 MCAT: 513 (130/126/129/128) Interview: I actually felt the best about this interview! Just goes to show that your feelings don’t always match. Year: Gap Geography: IP Anyone know if the waitlist moves within the two weeks? I have other offers thankfully, but would love to hear from UofT!
  6. I GOT WESTERN AND MAC WOOHOO!!!! Good WL at Ottawa, and WL at UofT!
  7. I’m surprised Ottawa emails aren’t out yet! I decided to wait until all the emails were in before checking just in case there’s nothing on OMSAS….. I’m dying over here lol
  8. Thought I would get this started! Good luck everyone Result: Timestamp: wGPA/cGPA: CASPer: ECs: Interview: Year: Geography:
  9. Thought I would get this started! Good luck everyone Result: Timestamp: wGPA/cGPA: MCAT: ECs: Essays: Interview: Year: Geography:
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