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  1. Does anyone know when the $500 Amazon GC offer from TD's LOC plan comes back (or if it's out already)? Don't see it on their site but see previous forum posts about it being available early May
  2. I just did this this year! It's actually not too tricky. I went from Scotiabank/BNS to RBC. First had to meet with the RBC advisor and apply for their package. They ask you which credit cards you will close if you sign up for their package. I said none, and that seemed fine. Got approved, sent proof of enrolment, then had to do some other stuff next to make sure I don't get dinged by fees. Upgraded BNS account to their Ultimate package, then downgraded the Gold Amex to the normal Amex, but kept the Passport VI. The Ultimate package gets you the annual fee waiver for the Passport VI
  3. Not BC but for anyone looking for a med LOC in Ottawa - I would recommend Kyu Tompkins for Scotiabank kyu.tompkins@scotiabank.com and Kimberly Ondrechak for RBC kimberly.ondrechak@rbc.com
  4. Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone to practice/prepare for MMI interviews (I'm prepping for Mac). I currently attend to uOttawa. Post below or message me directly if you're interested!
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