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  1. Hey, Just spoke to TD today (yet to speak with Scotiabank etc.) and they are stating that I'd most likely require a cosigner for the professional student line of credit (PSLOC). I am a Canadian attending a Canadian school, and from what I've heard, we usually do not require cosigners to take out this line of credit. They said that due to a lack of income during full time studies, many students will require a cosigner to be eligible for the PSLOC. Are there any current dental students that can shed some light on this? Were you able to take out a PSLOC even though you didn't have a ste
  2. Yeah, I've just started to use sdn - great resource for omfs-related info. I would have to agree - from what I see, the scope in the US seems to be far more advanced, when the time comes - that will play a great factor towards my final decision. thank you again for being so helpful!
  3. Hey guys, I've created a discord channel for students to freely talk about the application process to Canadian and US-based schools! https://discord.gg/tKMqv6r53R Best!
  4. Hello, Incoming DDS1 at a Canadian school this September. I'm entering dental school with the aspects of practicing general dentistry, but I'd be kidding myself if I didn't say OMFS and perio aren't attracting my attention. I was just wondering how difficult it is for a Canadian to gain OMFS residency at a US school. Also - does the school you go to determine the scope of your OMFS practice? I tend to see graduates from UAB performing very intense procedures, not sure if this is a coincidence or a result of that specific program. Thank you
  5. Resources I used: Chad videos, DAT crusher (includes ferallis notes), PAT booster, DAT destroyer (useless imo), DAT ready PAT booklet. For PAT, I would say 2 hours a day of each section for about 3-4 weeks is enough (this seemed to be enough time for me + 2 other people) For BIO/CHM, it depends on your background. I needed around 1.5 months ~4 hours every weekday to make notes and do enough practice problems/tests. For RC, I spent around 3-4 days searching different methods (vanilla, S&D, hybrid) and did 3-4 RC tests using the method that best suited me. I want to emp
  6. Hey! Its hard to objectively tell you if it was hard or easy as they don't release our marks. That said - the questions felt common sensical and I tried my best to answer all of them in an empathetic and non-biased manner. I think if you can apply empathy, non-judgement and solution based thinking to every prompt, you should do just fine! If you're still concerned, try reading BeMos CASPr preparation book - they answer pretty much any insecurities students may have.
  7. Hey is there a fb groupchat for those accepted/waitlist?
  8. Timestamp: 4:00pm EST Accepted GPA: 3.97 IP Interview: Felt I did pretty bad and really doubted myself the entire time. Just gotta trust the process ig!
  9. I wonder how many people were invited this year. With it being online, I wonder if they got more applications, and sent out more invites as a result. Could someone potentially get this information?
  10. Hello yall, If you already took your DAT w/out MDT scores - if you plan on applying to UofT the following cycle, would you have to retake the entire DAT with the MDT, or just take the MDT portion? Thank you
  11. Can someone just give the basic schematic? - portal you apply from - when applications start --> deadline - Canadian friendly schools? Thank you
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