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  1. UofT drops worst year, Dal looks at top 2 (i think), Western looks at top 2, Manitoba drops worst... Don't be discouraged. Address your issues - pick courses that you excel in and do your best.
  2. so sea urchins are simply a really great model organism when it comes to fertilization and developmental biology... if you know the basics of fertilization and development which is covered by most DAT biology resources - youd get that question correct.
  3. Yeah - so I believe that Western dental does look at percentile and not OMSAS... could be wrong so its always good to email them directly... In that case, yes - you'd just get a percentile average from your top 2 years.
  4. Hey people, If you took the DAT recently, could you comment on how the reading comp was structured? Were the questions in order w/ the article or no? I hear that the Canadian DAT in the past would make it in order allowing people to easily use search and destroy. Wondering if they don't do this anymore... Can you also state what method you used to kill RC? Thanks
  5. wow... congrats you must be so happy... do you know how many spots it moved for you to get off? Applying this next cycle and just curious - thanks!
  6. sorry - why are you doing a 5th year? Are your school years not full year or something?
  7. Entering and applying in my 4th year at the University of Toronto year 1: cGPA 2.6 (not full load) year 2: cGPA 4.0 [90.1%] OMSAS 3.97 (not full load) year 3: cGPA 4.0 [94.3%] OMSAS 3.96 (full load) Year 4: TBD DAT: writting this nov 7 (hopes of getting 24AA 21 PAT +) I know uoft drops worst year - will they drop year 1 or would I need to complete 4 years for them to do that? thanks!
  8. why would you go to Aus and not just apply again next year? You're clearly competitive for Canada!
  9. Thank you - but if I apply during 4th to uoft how would that work? Don't they look at top 3 years excluding worst year? So wouldn't they need my 4th year mark to calculate weighted gpa? Thank you for the reply
  10. Hi - so does that mean I have no options to apply to this cycle? Would I have to complete 4th (full load) then apply to western + uoft? Thanks.
  11. I'm really confused if I have any options to apply to this upcoming cycle... here are my stats. Entering 4th year of University of Toronto year 1: cGPA 2.6 (not full load) year 2: cGPA 4.0 [90.1%] (not full load) year 3: cGPA 4.0 [94.3%] (full load) Taking the DAT this November using DAT bootcamp... Thank you so much in advance.
  12. Hi - since you're all knowledgable about sask app I wanna ask one quick question. My second year was 4.0 FCE/credit (not full load) but I made up for the full load by taking summer courses. Would this affect the weighted scale for me (e.g., top 3 year calculation). Thank you.
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