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  1. Okay, thanks! Also-- winter 2020 grades are excluded, correct?
  2. Ahh yes, I believe you're right -- though that's actually not what I am trying to figure out! My question may not be posed very clearly... if it doesn't make sense after you read it again please let me know and I can try to re-explain what I am trying to ask! Thanks
  3. Hi there, Hoping someone can help me understand UofA GPA calculation. I'm wondering if GPA is calculated by averaging each yearly average, or if its the average of all individual courses (minus worst year where applicable). Eg. Option 1: ((Yr. 1 GPA) + (Yr. 2 GPA) + (Yr. 3 GPA) + (Yr. 4 GPA))/4 Option 2: (Sum of all GPAs of every course taken)/# of courses taken (this makes a difference in my situation since different numbers of courses were taken in different years) Thanks!
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