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  1. http://criminalnotebook.ca/index.php/Voyeurism_(Sentencing_Cases) This link ^ has all the resulting sentences of voyeurism in Canada. A few of them resulted in something called "Conditional discharge". If this is the case, it only shows up on his criminal record for 1-3 years. Do you think he'd be able to reapply to med school afterwards and gain admission?
  2. Hey! I graduated last year from biomedical sciences at Guelph. If you wanna PM me with any questions feel free too!
  3. Usually they let you apply and get all your credit cards and what not using the letter of acceptance, but they can’t release the funds of the LOC without proof of enrolment. I’d imagine all banks do the same.
  4. Yup! You can see all the changes here: https://www.ratehub.ca/blog/changes-are-coming-to-the-scotiabank-gold-american-express/
  5. Also, see how long you get the free perks for! Some banks like TD will only waive the fees while you are in school, whereas RBC is indefinite as long remain part of their healthcare advantage program. I believe Scotia is similar to RBC.
  6. 1) Having an advisor that you feel comfortable with is also important. RBC and Scotia both have advisors that have extensive experience with Professional Student Lines of Credit. Also, although this is much further down the road, you should look at what each bank provides in terms of professional support (although you can always switch banks later) for your career. 2) To properly compare perks across different banks, you have to see how much each of the points are worth. For example, RBC has an air travel redemption schedule eg. 15000 points for short round trip flight, 35000 for mid-dist
  7. Hey I live in North York if you're interested in meeting half way? My number is 647-961-3329
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