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  1. For those who got invited to Toronto Pediatric Neurology, did you only get an update on your carms account or did you also receive an email from them? Thanks.
  2. Anyone here would like to switch UBC family medicine date with me please let me know. I live in Ontario and will save me having to fly there twice. I currently have Jan 24. I would like Feb 1 (Victoria). Thanks! PS: I have another interview with UBC on Jan 30. and just want to finish west coast interviews at the same time.
  3. School interviewing at: UBC Specialty: Family Current interview date: January 24 Date would like to switch to: FEBRUARY 1 (PLEASE!!! WOULD SAVE ME TONS OF MONEY)
  4. What is acceptable to include in a CaRMS 'Thank You' note? Is it OK to say that you are highly interested in the program? or say top choice? or say that you ranked them highly? Is it OK to say that 'I hope to be part of you X program'? To me, these statements are not suggestive or violate CaRMS guidelines, but I would like your thoughts on it. I maybe wrong.
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