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  1. Hi Everyone, I had a quick question - while this may be school-specific, I was wondering whether medical schools allow students to take extra courses on top of their regular curriculum? Perhaps working part-time on a M.Eng degree throughout the four years of medicine is what I'm specifically thinking about. I haven't matriculated into a medical school yet but I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this is possible and if you know anyone who has done it. Thanks!
  2. What happens to the Ontario schools if we accept the offer? Will we be automatically rejected from them?
  3. waitlist just moved to position 12 for IP and position 2 for OOP!
  4. Looks like the waitlist for IP is moving a lot slower this year compared to last year
  5. Hello, I was just wondering whether anyone could give me some more information regarding the salaries of clinician-scientists compared to their physician-only counterparts? I'm specifically referring to clinician-scientists in big academic institutions who have, for example, 70% protected research time? Do clinician-scientists receive a salary + bill the government for the patients they see in clinic? Thanks!
  6. Any chance that MD results will come out today as well? Has anyone called the admissions office?
  7. Can anyone speculate as to why so many didn't match in McGill?
  8. Follow your heart man. Don't waste 5 years of your life when you know you already don't want to do a PhD. I highly doubt it will even come up in an interview, even if it does, simply tell them the truth and I think they will respect your honestly. A lot of people drop out of grad school, switch undergrad majors/schools, don't feel compelled to finish your PhD, especially since you are only 3 months in.
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