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  1. 1) congrats on your acceptance! 2) thank you, I hope so, I have a feeling my CARS won't be enough to outweigh my GPA I haven't seen anyone with less than 3.8 I think maybe if that was my cGPA my cars would be able to outweigh, but a 3.6 seems very low for Mac based on the results I have seen thank you for your input and congratulations again! well deserved!
  2. Firstly, congrats to everyone who got accepted! !!!! Your hard work paid off! I hope to be in your shoes one day!!!!!!! And for those who didn't, you'll get it !!!!!!!! It does not define you! Now I am a premed (I know, ew) who is not the best GPA wise.... However my MCAT is pretty good - which to be fair, I did not expect; 130/131/131/130 (522) After countless research and trying to figure out if this cycle was worth applying for me I have calculated the following. I have only one year above 3.7 (2nd year is literally 3.68 :(((((((((( ) (and western is not inclu
  3. Thanks for the response! Honestly I feel like I am going through the motions; like I'll study but it's simply studying to say I studied; i force my self to be in the library until 11 every day but I just feel like what I am doing isnt actually effective. Do you have any specific tips and tricks to actually make studying effective or things you found you did that helped? Did you go to textbooks; any specific youtube channels? Or is talking to prof's the key.
  4. thanks thats really helpful! just a question about the 2 week thing; my midterms are like 4 days after the newest material I learn like for instance I have a lecture this thursday with a midterm on that material on monday: how do you prepare for something like that when you're literally being taught the material 4 days prior to your test? do you read ahead? Because when I read ahead I never know what stuff the prof emphasizes on and it ends up being a waste of time because they'll say to skip a specific topic and focus on this and what not
  5. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone could shed light on how they do well; honestly I am still trying to figure out realistic study goals. I have a midterm in like 3 days and I wasnt worried because I kept up with the material and reviewed it; but testing myself now I am drawing blanks in things I KNOW I reviewed. And 3 other ones next week. I have labs on the same day of all my midterms all of which have tests. I was keeping up with the material and reviewed it after each lecture but I have no idea why when I review these things it's like I'm reviewing it for the first time; where I see ot
  6. Oh my goodness thank you so much. honestly lurking this forum I thought I was so hopeless I was seriously considering not even finishing this undergrad and doing another one because I figured I would have 0 chances even getting a 4.0 these 2 years. I just got the impression that if your GPA is <3.9 and your CARS is <129 you don’t have a chance I love science but I just had some really poor study habits due to some external factors + working + straight up sticking with courses that had some bad professors and not dropping them because I was stubborn. I know is not an excu
  7. Yeah I won’t even bother for schools like NOSM because I’ve lived in the city my whole life (school wise u of t is my best chance geographically) but u of t could care less about who attended their school. Stats alone show the majority of acceptances were for Mac kids. I wanted to do a masters because I wanted some useful publications as my EC’s are highly lacking but I was also hoping to be a TA so I could save a bit of money- this year I quit my part time job to just focus on school. But calculating my cGPA even if I got 4.0 the next 3 years my cGPA would be 3.83, barely competitive. I’m not
  8. Yeah but I have a lot more work to do to fix my mistakes so props to you dude. And yeah I know a couple people at Waterloo some hate it some love it - at least the co op makes you money right? And yeah for Mac and Ottawa super important basically for most med schools it’s GPA > MCAT > EC but for those schools they have cars weighing a lot to try to diversify their admissions and make sure the right kind of people are becoming doctors but best of luck to you! You got this! And if you took full course loads your eligible for wGPA for UofT and what not which will just make your gpa higher.
  9. So if I get a +3.9 these 2 years I have a fair chance at western and queens even though there’s people who have four years of +3.9? The reason I was thinking masters was because I don’t want to damage my GPA which is already so fragile by doing a lot of volunteer so I thought masters would open up the opportunity for me to build on my EC’s. I wouldn’t mind research either + i’d make a bit of TA money; or should I just get everything done each summer and do a fifth year?
  10. Jesus.... you put me to shame. I’m not a med school student but judging by the fact that I was impressed with that and embarrassed with myself tells me you have a solid chance. The fact that it’s engineering too....probably just continue to get 3.9+ and for mcat you’ll need to review organic chem and bio and some social science such as psych (there’s courses you can take or you can just by the books and of course khan academy) you’re good on the physics it’s probably baby work to you but you should review it because baby work can sometimes be the thing that messes you up. If you want to go to
  11. Wow thank you so much! Unfortunately I’m IP Ontario so ontario schools are my best shot but I wasn’t expecting that kind of support so I really appreciate it
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