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  1. Apparently the Calgary FM program does not have a good reputation in general. At least based on other posts on this forum.
  2. How do you see this order changing for the c2022 considering that they most likely won't get any visiting electives.
  3. From what I have heard a lot of people had been talking about making interviews virtual even before covid citing the burdensome cost and environmental impact. I figure they decided to avoid the uncertainty of a potential vaccine and pulled the trigger for virtual interviews for the next cycle.
  4. This article fails to acknowledge that a well-intentioned medical school admissions lottery inadvertently creates a system where once past the combined GPA, CARs and Casper score cutoff, the biggest factor that decides whether you get in or not is the number of times you apply. It would be similar to how you have a higher chance of winning the lottery the more tickets you buy. Medical school applications are expensive and have an associated opportunity cost that would be more of a burden on those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Someone from a rich family could afford to wait year-on-year
  5. Received an offer off the waitlist. Will be declining.
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