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  1. Result: high waitlist - will likely be removing myself for Queens! Timestamp: May 14 8:55AM 2 yr GPA: ~3.9 MCAT: 130/128/131/129 Interview: Felt SO bad, was positive I'd get much worse news from Western, I was only in the room for 35/45 minutes and I knew some of my answers were rambling and poorly thought out... I could see the marks that one of the members of my panel was giving me which really threw me off! Geography: non-SWOMEN
  2. Result: Accepted! Time stamp: 8:43 AM cGPA: ~3.84 MCAT: 517 (129/128/131/129) EC's: quite a bit of research, position as a teacher at a sunday school for many years, some musical stuff! MMI: kinda a blur, one of the rooms told me I did a good job haha but felt pretty confident afterwards in general! Panel: honestly... not great, relived various answers for the past couple months haha Geo: IP YEAR: 4th UG
  3. I can log into the electronic resources but can't find where my interview confirmation is?
  4. Hey all, I'm not sure if anyone knows the answer for this but I figured I'd print the confirmation of my interview time later and now I can't figure out how to navigate back to that page? Anyone have advice? Thanks
  5. still can't find out where to even go! did you figure out the website?
  6. anyone having trouble finding where to change your timeslot?
  7. Did anyone else get two emails with different dates?
  8. I'm the president of a club at school, nothing unrealistic!
  9. A verifier of mine was contacted on Thursday, non-SWOMEN 129/128/131 -- anyone have a hunch about whether this means I met cutoffs?
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