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  1. Result: high waitlist - will likely be removing myself for Queens!

    Timestamp: May 14 8:55AM

    2 yr GPA: ~3.9

    MCAT:  130/128/131/129

    InterviewFelt SO bad, was positive I'd get much worse news from Western, I was only in the room for 35/45 minutes and I knew some of my answers were rambling and poorly thought out... I could see the marks that one of the members of my panel was giving me which really threw me off! 

    Geography: non-SWOMEN

  2. Result: Accepted!

    Time stamp: 8:43 AM

    cGPA: ~3.84

    MCAT: 517 (129/128/131/129)

    EC's: quite a bit of research, position as a teacher at a sunday school for many years, some musical stuff!

    MMI: kinda a blur, one of the rooms told me I did a good job haha but felt pretty confident afterwards in general!

    Panel: honestly... not great, relived various answers for the past couple months haha

    Geo: IP

    YEAR: 4th UG 

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