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  1. Do you think Queen's prepares students well and makes them competitive for residency applications? For the whole range of specialties (family med, psych, IM, EM, cardio, plastics, etc.)
  2. Thank you! I'm not in med school. Currently an applicant with some interviews and considering which school I would most likely attend if I get an offer. I'm originally from a western province but only have interviews in Ontario this cycle. I'd like to do residency back home - hence why I'm asking how probably is it to get a residency across the country. I can't say with much certainty what specialties I'll be interested in once I get to that stage, but for now I'm interested in a range of specialties of varying levels of competitiveness.
  3. I am wondering how difficult it is to match into a residency that is in a different province/across the country from where I'd attend med school? I understand it would depend on competitiveness of the specialty. Do residency programs favor students from their home province or institution? Is it difficult to get some 4th year electives across the country to show interest in doing residency there?
  4. Hello, I'm not getting a clear answer from schools regarding whether my MSc goes under Employment or Research. I'm putting my pubs/presentations under Research, and my awards under Awards. I could just see an argument for putting my MSc under either Research or Employment. I've seen people on these forums state either. Does anybody have insight into this? Thanks in advance,
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