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  1. Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughtful response! I am a QC resident which will help for McGill, but in terms of American schools, does it hurt me that my ECAs are not traditional? That I've never really shadowed or done research? I plan on doing research this summer but it will not be on my american application if i submit it at the ideal time. Do you have any other suggestions on how to make myself more competitive? Thank you again!
  2. I am Canadian. What are my chances for top american med schools? Which american schools would you recommend applying to? What would you recommend improving in my application between now and September? I have a 4.0 cGPA, 521 MCAT (127 CARS), many meaningful extracurriculars (although I am worried because I do not have any meaningful research or shadowing). A few of my major ECAs include: -Student trustee of a major Canadian research university -Member of student government -Youngest board member of a national education advocacy organization - National chair of prestigio
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