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  1. Hey, Are students who get accepted to the French Stream very fluent in French? Do they sound like native speakers? Should I even bother applying to this stream if my vocabulary isn't great? I can speak and write french but since I don't practice enough, I forget some words. Also, if you have written the Casper in French and got an interview without being very fluent, how did you prepare for this test? I feel like if french words don't come to my head rapidly during CASPER, I won't be able to write enough which could impact my score. Thanks
  2. Hope it's the case for us. It's so annoying how Ottawa doesn't tell us how they use the CASPER score :(
  3. Yes I met the GPA and MCAT scores. The email specifically said I didn't meet the minimum CASPER score.
  4. Hey, I was wondering whether anyone previously received an email from Dalhousie Med saying they got rejected for not meeting the minimum CASPer score but then was able to get an interview at uOttawa (or McMaster) DURING THE SAME APPLICATION CYCLE. Please let me know if it was the case with you or someone you know. Just trying to find out if it's even worth applying with a bad CASPer score. Thanks!
  5. Hey, Has anyone received a CASPer rejection before from Dalhousie (I got an email saying I didn't meet their minimum score) but still received an interview at other med schools that require the CASPer test (like uOttawa and McMaster)? Just trying to see if it's even worth applying with a bad CASPer test result. Thanks!
  6. Hey, For Dalhousie essays, is it only the two questions below or will there be other essay questions after you submit your application? The two questions I see on their website are: 1) In 1000-1500 words (maximum), please write a reflective essay that describes how your experiences have informed your decision to study medicine and shaped your motivation to become a physician. Please describe your personal qualities and skills that you think are applicable to the study and practice of medicine and how your life experiences have helped you to develop them. The Admissions Committee
  7. Hey, I'm beginning a grad program this fall that is one year long (will be ending in August 2021). Would I be eligible to apply to Ottawa med this fall for September 2021 entry? I can't find a deadline on their website for when my program requirements must be completed by. For example: uoft it's June 30, western is August 1st or 15th. btw it's a course based masters and not a thesis based
  8. Hey, congrats to those who were accepted today! For those who didn't get in, does the email specify if you were rejected or waitlisted? Mine sounds like I got rejected because it says "After careful review of your application, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a position in our medical program this year". I would like to know if everyone who wasn't accepted got this or if I was rejected with no hope of getting in this year. Thanks.
  9. Hey, Are we expected to start going to hospitals in September? Are current medical students going to hospitals?? Based on all the predictions in the news, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for a few more months if not longer, and since there's a high concentration of people with the coronavirus in the GTA hospitals, students are putting themselves at risk by being present at the hospitals. Might be better to accept an offer elsewhere after all, like Queens or Western where they have fewer cases
  10. On the AFMCA, it says there are 259 domestic seats but then the total number of people that got interviewed (which includes international students) is 640. Can someone please confirm that I have a better chance than 259/640 since international students don't count as part of the 259? And is it true that the 259 spots are just for Canadian students??
  11. Hey, does anyone know how UofT ranks applicants post-interview? Is there an equation? Thanks
  12. STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FILLING ONE OF THOSE. DOING THIS BECAUSE I USED FOLLOW THESE SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! TIME STAMP: March 10th 2:13pm Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD, March 28 Result: Invite cGPA/wGPA: 3.85/3.97 MCAT: 127/124/128/126 ECs: Lots of clubs (leadership positions as well), health care volunteering, health advocacy and community involvement. Barely any research experience Essays: Spent around a few weeks on them, tried really hard. Got some help from a professor and a med student Year: 4th year undergrad Geography: IP Good luck t
  13. Are they in the french stream? Did they contact them by email or phone?
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