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  1. Oh I remember this time of the year. If I recall correctly, I got an interview invite in March, so for those of you who don't get the early January-February waves, do not worry! Best of luck to y'all
  2. Thank you so much! 1) Weird seeing an anatomy lab on Tuesday, thought every lab component was on Thursday. I presume that labs are optional, as indicayed on Elentra? 2) PSD; any idea what the "or" entails? Are we given flexibility in choosing?
  3. still doesnt work, could u post a screenshot of the timetable?
  4. If you check Elentra, they changed every class to Virtual pretty much for the first 2 months, including PSD and SIM. Probs still updating the last 2 months.
  5. Weird... When I click on SIM, which should be on Tuesdays from 1030-1230, you see that SIM classes are scattered throughout the week, sometimes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Is the schedule not final?
  6. On the Class Schedule, it seems that the PSD course (MED 13021 or smth) takes place 4 times in the fall. And I agree, it would be a fat L if suddenly they decided that Winter2021 would be in-person on a short notice. We would have to arrange half-year leases and stuff...Also, I guess SIM is for the second semester then? I also have no idea about O-week. Judging by what the ASS president said, it's probably online right? Definitely agree. Hmm, the Class Schedule denotes Foundations and Unit 1 courses as "hybrid"... I would assume that the big lectures are virtual wh
  7. Hey there fellow MD2024's, The August 4th update on UGME website shows that CBL may all be online (link: https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/updates-regarding-covid-19-ugme-program-activities). Since lectures would be online (I hope so since it would be a very massive gathering), and as someone coming from far away, it does not make sense for me to pay monthly rent simply to attend mandatory PSD sessions a few times a semester (and by that I mean 4 times in the Fall). AFAIK, mandatory in-person activities at uOttawa are: SIM, CBL, and PSD. I would save more money and be closer to m
  8. Did you guys all do BLS Part 2? I didn't do it yet, could that be why? I know we are allowed to complete that after the deadline.
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