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  1. I had a friend email the admission's people and they said that it will most likely be a hybrid version where some aspects of the semester such as the anatomy labs will be in person while the large lectures are going to be online.
  2. I've contacted enrollment services, but I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble enabling their JOINid? I got past the first step where you'd input both your new student # and JOINid username, but I can't seem to get pass the second part. I'm pretty sure I remember my own birthday, LOL.
  3. Nope :/, but I will most likely be declining this offer in favor of UofT.
  4. Result: Accepted (OMSAS) - Downtown Toronto Timestamp: 7:30 (OMSAS) wGPA/cGPA: 3.99 (cGPA) MCAT: 517 (127 CARS) ECs: Varied, tried different things. Can PM me for more info. Essays: Spent a month on them, had multiple good friends read over them. Very grateful for all the help. Interview: Tried my best, thought it was my best interview. 2 Great stations, one good, one OK. In-person or Virtual: In-person. Year: Graduated 2019 - Am in gap year Geography: Raised in the TO, happy to be staying
  5. I have the button again, but no offer, what does this button mean?
  6. It's basically a glitch on OMSAS where some Mcmaster med applicants have a button that should only appear once they are offered admissions. You can read the entire story in the general premed forum. It's pretty funny.
  7. Also Adding my Data point Have button, GPA: 3.99 CARS 127 I also hope to God that it's not the regional campus. I can't live far from Toronto
  8. Result: Admitted GPA: 96%/4.0 DAT: 23AA 24PAT 22RC ABS: Mix of things Interview: Thought it went well. Will most likely be declining my offer if the button fiasco proves right, LOL.
  9. Rejected as well. I can't tell if I'm happy or sad. Probably a little of both. A little sad because I still worked for Queens. Happy because this school is finally over.
  10. Yep, pretty sure it's just a standard email. I think we're getting the invite/wait list by the end of the week, LOL. At this point, I think I'd rather just get the R and focus on my life.
  11. Same, I've been debating about whether it is even worth it or not to contact them. Has anyone gotten a response from the university about this issue?
  12. Yep, I also wish I took the guaranteed interview next cycle, I think I messed up real bad, LOL.
  13. Because the people at Mac designed CASPer to approximate the MMI, I think it'll likely be 50% CASPer, 25% GPA, and 25% CARS. Or it can be 70% CASPer, 15% GPA, and 15% CARS. I would be more inclined towards the former than the latter.
  14. You should 100% attend the interview because even if you are 99% sure that you want to attend UofT, you'll never be 100% certain unless you've explored all of your options!
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