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  1. Just updated: "DMD - Non-Quebec Canadians Pool: as of April 6th, 2021, an offer was made to the 1st candidate on the list."
  2. Anyone know if all the invites are sent out at the same time on May 11th? Or if there are waves (spanning over May 11th or over multiple days)?
  3. Any other McGill DMD wait-listers notice that the 'basic life support documents upload' is gone from Minerva as an option?
  4. Question for those accepted/rejected as in-province, does your "Admit Type" on Minerva say Quebec University or Quebec Resident? Thanks!!
  5. Does anyone know how much the QC University waitlist moves?
  6. Do you think all the phone calls have been completed? If you don't mind me asking – approximately how long did you speak for?
  7. I believe** (who knows for sure) that it's been before past noon for the past couple years
  8. Thought I'd start off this thread before March 25th comes around
  9. For sure! And I totally get that – the wait can be super hard Hang in there!
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