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  1. but there hasn't been anyone whose posted about getting an invite post- 2:10PM
  2. last year (based on forums): 9-9:10AM = invites 9:10-9:30ish = waitlist 10-onwards = rejects
  3. no, unfortunately, i don't think so everything's usually sent within an hour or so (invites, waitlist, and rejections)
  4. Hi everyone! Wondering what my chances for Mac is? Thank you in advance!! Current MSc student. IP OMSAS GPA: 3.92 MCAT CARS: 128 CASPer: top 25% according to Manitoba rejection ranking
  5. 5:58PM EST Regrets oGPA 90 aGPA 92 NAQ 75th-100th percentile below both the UBC and OOP cutoffs... but I thought the average was 92?
  6. got an email, OAS keeps showing error too many people trying to get in I guess Will check back in an hour last name S
  7. When do interview invites/regrets traditionally come out? Will they be delayed this year?
  8. Hi I'm a UofT graduate (2019 Bio and Gender studies), with a 3.94 cGPA and 4.0 in my last two years. I wrote the MCAT twice, 506 (128/126/126/126) and more recently a 510 (127/127/126/130) (applied with a 510 for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 cycles) I'm doing my MSc (4.0... for now...) at McGill rn (2nd and hopefully last year) ECs are ok: President of a few clubs at UofT, Health and Wellness Rep, hospital translator, hospital observership abroad and in Canada, clinic volunteering, TA assistant, note-taker for people with disabilities, food centre volunteer, non-profit found
  9. has this^ ever happened before for early invites (i.e. multiple waves?) edit: don't know why this posted twice
  10. unpopular opinion but I have a creeping feeling there'll be another wave of early invites today this could be a defence mechanism on my part though lool
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