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  1. I wasn't sure if I met cut-offs since my MCAT is 126-130 for all sections, but my cGPA for my last two years was 4.0 at UofT so I thought I'd give it a shot. I had a verifier contacted. I hope this helps for those with lower MCAT scores
  2. I was thinking, given that they say we will hear back early December (on UBC Med Timeline) and will have to book interview dates mid December, invites and regrets will be sent out near/before the 14th and they recommend having secure internet on the 14th onwards to be able to book our interview slot... could be totally off though
  3. Thank you so much for your response! First time applying to UBC so idk what to expect *fingers crossed I hear back with some good news on December 14th*
  4. Hi there! I was hoping to get some feedback on my chances as an OOP applicant (Ontario BSc, Montreal MSc). Currently, my GPA for my MSc is 4.0. My cGPA for my undergraduate degree is 3.94, which I'm unsure how to translate to UBC's scoring, but my GPA for 2 of my 3 year undergraduate was 4.0/4.0 (UofT gpa scale). I took a full course load (i.e. at least 5 full year courses between September and April of any given academic year) throughout undergrad. My MCAT is: 510 (2nd attempt: 127/127/126/130) and 506 (1st attempt: 128/126/126/126) Any feedback would be really appreciated!
  5. Hey, I was in the same boat last year (no email, no interview). I got an email this time around. If you don't mind me asking, were in your 1st year of graduate studies during last year's application cycle? Thanks!
  6. In case this is useful for anyone: I submitted my MCAT to Dalhousie in July/August Sent them an email in September where they confirmed (within 24h) that they received it. I could not and still do not see the verification on my Section 2 application under 2c, so that may not show up for everyone I hope this helps!
  7. does it say "received" or just give a breakdown of the score with the minimum required MCAT for our specific GPA?
  8. Regrets this morning at 9:37 In case this helps anyone next cycle: don't know my grade average but my UofT cGPA is 3.94/4.0, MCAT 510 Congratulations and good luck to everyone that got an invite!! :))
  9. you're probably going to get an invite y'all! Congratulations! :))
  10. I don't know if its cut offs so much as they just happened to review those files first whether that's because they were "at the top of the pile", or first alphabetically, or submitted earliest, we'll never know for sure
  11. That's what it seems like But last year, invites were sent out first, so I wonder what that means maybe interviews have already been sent out (and miraculously, no one with an invite is on here) or these are unprecedented times so previous cycles timings are no indication this time around
  12. Hey, do you mind me asking if you submitted the application and scores really early or closer to the deadline?
  13. Given the trend from previous years, if the first 'wave' has passed, the second wave of invites/regrets is probably a week out (i.e. next Wed/Thurs) maybe they're holding off on giving OOP invites (i.e. waitlisted or less spots if all IP accept the invite) because of the logistics of switching to an online interview format – they want to make sure they can handle completing synchronous interviews and then completing and actually reviewing any asynchronous components
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