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  1. I actually was wondering this same thing!! I was under the impression that it had to be 400 as well. Did they recently change it to 300/400? I could have just been making this up but feeling more suspicious now that you've asked the same question haha
  2. Wow that thread was filled with all kinds of good feels!!! Thanks for sharing
  3. based on this thread looks like doing a second degree really only opens up Ottawa on top of Western and Queens if I want to stay in Ontario (UofT and Mac look at first degree grades) I guess I'm going with option 1
  4. I am determined to attend medical school in Canada. Would love any advice regarding the few options I have Currently studying for the MCAT and going into the fourth year of my honours Science undergrad- 1st year GPA 3.21 (technically 4.5 course load, including my initial grade and my improved grade for my 1 repeated course) 2nd year GPA 3.44 3rd year GPA 3.63 I'm assuming these are my options (based on years of obsessive research on forums lmao): 1) Do a 5th year. Attain 3.8+ in year 4 & 5. Apply to Western in my 5th year. If unsuccessful, complete a master's progra
  5. Has anyone come across this article yet (published a few months ago)? https://westerngazette.ca/news/new-competency-based-medical-education-leaves-traditional-grading-behind/article_8df659dc-fdc6-11e8-87a9-df194626a239.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-sticky-siderail-latest I wonder if this shift in their curriculum has anything to do with the new admission criteria.. interesting!
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