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  1. Do you guys think they’ll be calling more ppl today?
  2. Does that mean they’re done with the French steam if they’re calling the English?
  3. Based on what is written, I think applicants are assigned a score strictly based on their interview performance. Afterwards, if two applicants have competitive scores, the one with the higher WGPA will be admitted. That's just how I interpret it, but I don't think anyone really knows for sure!
  4. Is there a way to access the full letter of acceptance on Minerva (looking to find out if I have to do the QY for NTP). If not, does anyone know when they'll be sent by email? Thanks and goodluck to everyone who's still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. TIME STAMP: 2:09PM  Result: Admitted with Condition!!! pre-reqGPA: N/A MCAT: N/A Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I felt like I tried my best but i really had no idea what they were looking for in those scenarios so wasn't sure Year: 5th year undergrad IP/OOP/International: IP, NTP Comments: shocked :O
  6. Im NTP too and I haven't heard back yet but as for the QY, how can you find out?
  7. Really? The med student at my table said she received her response (last year) during the week before the target date
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