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  1. Bonjour, j'ai eu une entrevue et j'ai été mis sur la liste d'attente, mais il me manque encore 90 places. Pensez-vous que c'est possible ou dois-je passer à autre chose? Merci et go habs go
  2. Bonjour! Est-il normal que je n'ai pas encore reçu la date de ma entrevue? Merci
  3. I'm in the same boat as you with a very similar GPA and 4.0/4.0 prereqs, and finished my MSc last summer except I've been applying for 4 years 1st year: Interview at McGill then rejected. 2nd year: Interview at McGill then rejected. 3rd year: Waitlisted FOR an interview (usually they interview 300 people in the Quebec university category, last year they interviewed 256, I was ranked 260.) and then rejected (never got the interview). 4th/current year: Interview at McGill then waitlisted and doesnt look like I'm going to get in. I think it's safe to say
  4. I'm in the exact same situation as you (similar waitlist position and extremely disappointed). It doesnt make sense to me that the waitlist goes that far this year, I'm very confused with how it is being organized. They are waitlisting more people (over 90 people) than they usually accept into the program (about 90 for QC). Hoping we will all get some clarity in the email tonight and wishing everyone the best of luck!
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